(Prevention is better than cure)
At breakfast this morning I was only thinking how I tend to favour the right side to chew on. How about you? If you were to share a meal with me you would be entertained by an unusual cacophony as I eat! When I was a young lad at my prep school the choir mistress, by the name of Miss Ada Tonks, whom I had at the time vowed to marry, she was 60 and I was 8, was passionate about her boys to say the least!

In order to make sure that we enunciated every syllable correctly she gave us exercises to do amongst which was a waggling of the lower jaw. This has ended up by providing me with a displaced bite which the dentist and technician fail each time to decided exactly where my teeth should meet. The entertainment comes with the audible click each time I try to bite on something hard or tough and the jaw dislocates!

But enough of my peculiar eating habits, suffice to say that I do endeavour to balance the bite by trying to remember to chew on the left as well. When you pay close attention to the way people speak you will notice a slight dropping of the jaw or facial muscles to one side or the other indicting a preference in the way they eat that manifests in a difference of mouth shape and consequent change in pronunciation. This is not to exclude injury, lisp, dis-ease or inherited condition, but purely to demonstrate the way in which our environment and habits affect us.

There is a tendency for all of us to favour one thing or the other that ends up as a habit. The question has to be raised, ‘do you really know yourself?’
And then subsequently, ‘are you prepared to change for your own good, if possible?’

Take, for instance, the way a young mother carries her child:
When someone very close to me went for her fist audition for the Royal Ballet School at White Lodge she was diagnosed with a slight scoliosis of the spine. Nothing too serious you understand, but something to keep an eye on. In later years when she had children, not withstanding this earlier warning she favoured the one hip! When I suggested that she alternate the hips, her reply was, ‘Oh no I couldn’t do that it wouldn’t seem natural!’
There was no point in pursuing the problem but I did wonder if she had forgotten that earlier diagnosis and what the future might bring.

It is often what seems unnatural that is the right thing to do, each case judged on its merits of course, especially if it is a case of balance, but as you can see there just is no telling some of us. ‘This is my way and it is the way that I am going to do it!’ Was this a Soul Setup and the precognitive cells acting out their future rolls? I wonder?

Balance is so important that it stretches across the many aspects of our being, from the physical through the mental and emotional to the spiritual to name a few. Which is why I do believe that dancing is a very health giving exercise in more senses than one! If taught correctly, it involves learning to breathe properly, how to stand, turn and flex the whole body.

And another aspect that is brought into focus and flexibility, missed by outsiders, is that it exercises the mind and teaches us how to remember. Some of the moves are difficult to master and require much practice. Also of course it enables those of us with a yen for the art to exercise and give vent to our passion! Not to be sniffed at!

I have to say that I have enjoyed dancing from an early age from demonstration partner at the Old Time Dancing Club in my teens to Line Dancing in my sixties! I would far rather trip the light fantastic than go to a boring sweaty gym! Oh! A memory just came into the consciousness of the Victor Sylvester Dance School in Brighton in my student days and Tea Dances at the Waldorf Astoria in later life. Fantastic!

Come to think of it the Line Dancing worked up just as much sweat as any body builder, though these days a gentle walk in the countryside comes a close second!

To elevate the conversation, just a little, if you are wondering about the spiritual aspects of these ramblings, think about the opportunity that your HPT (Highly Precious Time) meditation gives you to balance the Chakras each in turn, starting of course with the all important Base.

Sometimes referred to as the Root, this first and basic centre of life should be seen as the ‘Centre of Operations’ which all the rest of the Chakras are affected by. It is the root of the Tree of Life and it is so important, as with the root or foundation of anything to ensure that all is centred, stable and balanced and in this case the colour of a beautiful red ruby.

So which hip do you favour? Are you a busy Mum or Dad or a doting Grandparent? Take care to use both. The ultimate balancing act is to bring the movement of your internal pendulum, which enjoys its swing between the opposites of its existence of duality, to the point of rest, where the Kundalini rises through all of the centres to the Crown. Can you now see the importance of ensuring that each and every Centre from the Root to the Crown is in balance? My friend has just lost his balance and our thoughts are with him.
So where possible, ensure that every aspect of your being is in balance.
Love, Hanukah


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4 Responses to FAVOURING THE HIP

  1. cat says:

    I need you to look at my last post in blogger .. I feel like destroying everything I ever wrote … did you ever feel that way? maybe it’s time to move on … I don’t know … love your articles still, though … (http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/)


    • The privilege of being able to fall asleep on someone and the trust that that invokes is awesome and as to wanting to destroy all that I ever wrote? Oh yes I often feel that way about the book that never went anywhere: “Journey Through Many Lifetimes”, but then I think that it just goes to show where I have come from and how far I’ve moved on! I think! Thanks for your comments Cat, not many want to bother it seems. Love David.


      • cat says:

        I’m interested in reading the book, David … being a cat with a few lifetimes to spare 🙂 … no, but seriously, how can I get a copy?


        • Very kind of you to consider and if you go to Amazon and put in ‘Journey Through Many Lifetimes’ by David Tenneson they should be able to help. Many thanks. Love, David


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