There’s a lot to be said for forgetting!
Enjoy the journey in your making, but do not revel in your undertaking, make it and forget it.

Why is it that forgetting frightens so much?
I need to read in order to remember what I wrote. I write and then let it go and forget. You might ask, ‘how can I write if I do not recall what I wrote’. It’s a question I ask myself and can only tell you how it works for me.

Suffice to say that I write and then from the mind and eye I cast the mote into forgetfulness. It is not important for me to remember and as Einstein said, ‘I leave the mind free for empirical thought’. Or more to the point for me: I leave the mind open for the next inspiration. I suppose you could say that I have learnt the hard way through the University of Life, but most would call me absent minded because it would appear that for most of the time my mind is elsewhere!

I sincerely wish there was a class for the Elders to attend, not to learn how to remember but to learn how to re-use the changing nature of the mind that is the gift of age. This gift is, as above, about the art of letting go!

If we are lucky enough, we need to let others manage the monotony that we have lived through in the average day, for we have to address the change that happens within, with age. If only there was that school for us to learn the changing nature of the mind that enables us to forget and live, instead of to forget and believe we must die.

In the coming age there will be a need for generations to remember the caring benefits of living together. There is already a move in this direction with lack of work causing the young to live with parents for longer. If we look back through history we will recall that each generation is given the opportunity to serve and each is valued for its contribution.

The very young bringing joy and laughter, while the young learn through work the lessons of repetition and independence, the older centred and standing firm become the stable rock, the anchor of the family, while the elders are valued for their wisdom, caring and teaching of the very young through the bond of the magical link through skipped generations.

This link is sometimes the only classroom the Elders need since theirs is the same explosion of consciousness as the very young, but on a different level, that both share and subconsciously understand. The link that binds is love. If given this opportunity, this link is all that is needed to keep the family together.

It was foretold many moons ago that the financial institutions of the world would crash, led by the Dollar and the Yen. When it is truly understood what the present financial crisis entails then the cohesion, the glue of love will bring families and communities back together in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and benefit. This will happen on many different levels throughout societies.

When the Grandparent plays catch with the very young using a rubber ball the bouncing action of the medium of the game shows on a physical level what is happening on the level of consciousness bouncing the energetic transfer across the generations. Under this scenario words like truancy, dementia, Alzheimer will fade from the memory and this forgetting will allow the generations, who need each other so much to live together in harmony, peace and love.

When the generations learn this vital lesson there is every chance that the lesson of love will spread out to the rest of the world, who will also begin to forget the need for anger or war and begin to live Peace.
Live Peace. With Love, Hanukah


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