Many Radio Stations and Websites are on 24 hours transmission. They never stop, like the BBC World Service, Euronews and others which we get here in Spain, we can link into 24 hours a day to catch up on the world news.

The thing is that I wonder if you are aware that you are just like those transmitters? You never stop sending either, whether you know it or not! What does that mean? Well it means that you are inviting a response which will provide exactly the same as you are sending out, amplified and magnified to bring you more of the same. In other words it is trying to expand the experience that you seem to want. A bit like Global Minds Have Your Say!

There is a danger here that you could be sending out the wrong signals to bring you what you most desire and what you get back is not what you are looking for. How does that happen you may ask when you are wanting a particular thing in your life so much, but what you are getting is the reverse? It all comes down to doubt!

You want something, you want it so badly that you put all of your energies into getting it. That’s fine but at the same time you are sending out messages that bring a host of horrors, objections and opposites because you just doubt that what you want is possible and your doubt sends out all kinds of stumbling blocks to your desire. Now I bet you’ll say, ‘but I’m not doing that’, but the truth is that you may not be thinking in your waking consciousness of those obstacles but they are hidden away in the recesses of your beliefs.

This sort of thing also happens when you close yourself down, which for a lot of us becomes our natural way of being. I was taught from an early age in the healing schools to close myself down, to protect myself and keep myself secure. I even taught others how to close down and protect themselves, but I now know that this is a practice based on fear and only amplifies our own natural feelings of insecurity brought on by the environments that modern societies have generated. In fact we need to be open to the glorious beneficent energies of the Universe 24/7.

Being closed could mean that you are not in a receiving mode so how do you expect to receive more of what you want and how do you expect the Universe, through its Law of Attraction, to provide you with what you want when you are doubting and thinking only about shutting the door in its face?

There is a lot spoken about the freedom and control of the press, especially in the light of the phone hacking scandal that closed down the News of the World newspaper in the UK, and the ultimate control that some governments exercise over the media and Internet access of their people, of course we now know that hacking of phones and computers is rife by governments around the world, for a newspaper it was worth sending the editors and journalists to jail, but let me ask you this:

In the management of your own 24 hour transmissions how about having an internal censor to make sure that you are sending out what you want and not what you doubt? Please don’t look to your conscience because you will find no answer there, apart from the obvious – if you want to pay attention to the difference between wrong and right – this is not about good or bad, this is about what you want, which let’s face it could be good or bad! Wrong for me could be good for you. You are your own judge!

Here’s a clue to the right way: What feels good to you?
We have said many times that looking for joy and happiness in all that you do is the way to go. Can you see that concentrating on what feels good all of the time will eventually create a certain mindset that only thinks along those lines?

It almost, then, in the long term removes the need for the censor since you will always think good, joyful, happy and positively desirable thoughts.
How cool is that?

I sometimes feel that we take life a bit too seriously, worrying about every little thing when we should be looking forward all the time to what we really desire and what makes us supremely happy. If you can bring yourself to follow this path, don’t be surprised if you get labelled as absent minded, positive, self centred, empathic, happy, selfish, sublime, compassionate, joyful and possibly even enlightened! If you are truly happy that won’t worry you either.

You see, the Universe is never still and neither are you! You are always on the go, your thoughts never stop, and you are always wanting to go forward, to expand into new horizons that tempt you, so just make sure that you are thinking those cool thoughts and transmitting the best signals possible to facilitate your desires.
Be cool! Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to 24 hours TRANSMISSION

  1. brussel1941 says:

    Nobody could have explained it better … We are transmitters and receivers at the same time… and it is up to us to avoid that parasites would find a way in either directions.
    Indeed, it is not closing up that will help but rather filtering what we send out and what others send to us.

    Let’s be beacons of light and telephone poles but the good of Humanity and of ourselves.



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