Let’s start with a much quoted but perhaps at the same time much misunderstood saying: ‘Know thyself’.
As regular readers you will appreciate the need to know yourself at a deeper and deeper level that moves from the physical through the mental and emotional to the spiritual aspects of the self that is paramount.

We are encouraged by Avatars and Masters, in form and in spirit, to dedicate ourselves to God, proclaiming that there is nothing else that can give you everlasting joy and happiness than to serve the one true and immanent source of all there is.

But what of those who, although they believe in the existence of God cannot bring themselves to revere or give credence to the notion of Primary Source, maybe too scared of what they may find about themselves or those who do not believe that there is such a thing as One God and that all that there is just happened by chance.

I know of friends who say they do not believe in God but are kind and loving people, serving their family, friends and their community in the best way they can with what appears to be an inherent feeling of service to teach the young and old alike. Now, whether they want to admit it or not, to me this is service to God. And perhaps of the most beautiful kind, when no trumpets blow, no banners of proclamation flutter in the breeze and in gentle peace they just get on with it.

In the quest to find the true self there appears a point in time when we come to a border crossing. If we are truly dedicated in finding the real self this has to be, and throwing all caution to the wind and putting yourself in the shoes of the explorer you have to admit that on any journey or adventure at some point there will manifest the unforeseen, the unknown and the unpredictable.

At this point my only gift to you is courage which will come from within by recognising your true freedom and the knowledge that you are not alone on this journey and that many have walked this path before you and many will also follow in your footsteps. They cannot wear your shoes but they can and will follow where you tread.

The border crossing is the most exciting, the most frightening for some but for me the most enlightening point of my journey. You will have investigated your feelings that have led you to your true beliefs that you have then sorted into those that are relevant for you and those that may be discarded. You will have begun the discourse with the Body that brings its own reward of health and well-being.

During these processes you will have felt, certainly odd to begin with, sensations that cannot be ascribed to the usual physical feelings above, but are leading you into the shadows of unknowing. It is at this crossing point that many turn back but I entreat you to gather your courage and begin to see these sensations for what they really are.

You may be gifted not only with sensations but also with sight and begin to see colours that change according to where your consciousness hovers momentarily. Immediately the shadows disappear and you will begin to understand the relevance of these coruscating, revolving centres of energy that come now into your ready and waiting, waking consciousness.

These centres of light and colour bring with them the corresponding senses of the physical body and you begin to appreciate that the border crossing is merely the interface between the physical and spiritual aspect of the corporeal self.

Just as we are beginning to appreciate that the Universe is not empty space but full of different energies so too are we. It may be useful to see this revelation as the living portal or group of portals that allow the exchange of energies from that energetic Universe to us and from us to it!

The links are all too real with the physical endocrine glands through what has become known as the Seven Major Chakra Centres. There are more centres that could be termed minor and then micro which become all the more familiar when studying the Eastern healing techniques that use the energy meridians of the body. Although I have to say that in the teaching of Shiatsu which I enjoyed the link between Chakras and Meridians was never adequately explained and was left to my own research.

With recent staggering through the science of Black Holes I feel it will be some time before the establishment, not to say those on the fringes will be able to come to terms with the existence of Black Holes in the human body, but they are there waiting to be found!

Know thyself, as I am sure you are now becoming aware – like enlightenment – is a never ending quest that when you think you have reached a plateau of understanding a whole new field of knowledge opens up before you.
I believe that true dedication is in finding all there is to know about yourself for the acquisition of truth and wisdom. Of course this belief could change tomorrow.
Dedicate yourself to yourself. With Love, Hanukah


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