This is the age of discernment, the age when we are supposed to be able to tell truth from falsehood. You know, there are so many conflicting stories and images, not to say visions that confuse us. It is a major quest for us all to sort out the wheat from the chaff. However it seems to me that the biggest hurdle for mankind is to be able to tell true from false within ourselves. Let’s face it conscience was supposed to do that for us, but it seems only in a very rudimentary way. We tend now to think that we are what we believe.

Well that is true to a point, but the point is that what we believe is not necessarily true! When we follow the dictum of: ‘Know thyself’, we tend to think that we are what we believe come what may. But the self we believe we are may in fact be a false self.

When we begin really to know ourselves, you may remember – following the track from feelings, which are responses to our thoughts and the vibrations we put out, in other words helping us to know what to expect from our thoughts and ideas, the beliefs that they reveal may in fact be wrong for us! Unfortunately we tend to think that our beliefs are the real us. Not so, they are just a set of beliefs.

In other words they actually reveal the false self that we have generated because we have responded incorrectly to our feelings, assuming that our beliefs are who we really are. So in fact we have built this ‘false self’! So as this is something we have built ourselves don’t go looking outside to put the blame on someone else. What we need to do is firstly to understand that our beliefs are not written in stone, that they are instantly changeable, which we can do as soon as we realise the false self that we have built and understand that we can change.

I know through personal experience that I have held erroneous ideas, thoughts and therefore beliefs about myself, some held since childhood, and there are possibly more to dig out of the subconscious! Of course this is where the dreamtime comes into its own bringing those erroneous ideas of who we think we are into the waking consciousness for us to discern through our recognised signs and symbols to reveal our beliefs that may need altering.

Remember, and I can’t say this enough, beliefs are not who you are, they are only beliefs about who you think you are, so get rid of your false self and your erroneous beliefs and take on the coat of many colours of your true self and cast off the drab coat of your false self. Of course in any exercise of this nature, you, like me, would have to start in the past to dig out and recognise the ideas and beliefs put into our waking consciousness by our parents and those who we looked up to and relied upon, but possibly, like me, now buried in the subconscious. Don’t forget they were their ideas and beliefs and not ours!

It may be something as simple as remembering that you were always referred to as a sickly child, or slow but just needed more time than the average, or like me as being useless! For years we have tended to believe these labels. What we need to understand is that they are just like post-it-notes and can easily be peeled off and replaced with new ones saying in bold type face – ‘I am strong and healthy’ and ‘I am able and capable to do and be anything I desire’.

In short you do not need your false self, so get rid of it, write your own blueprint to generate the beliefs that give you what you most desire, bringing joy into your life, filled with brilliant rainbows and wearing your own coat of many colours, the colours of truth, love and happiness.
What is your favourite colour? Be truthful to yourself and wear it.
Love, Hanukah


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