Following on Medicine for the Dead:
I mentioned the un-dead and the zombies and of course I do not believe in death per se, since my belief is of merely a change of state where the physical body is no longer needed and the real or the royal we, the Soul, comes into its own again in what we could call the Sphere of Souls. When we return I am told it is party time to welcome one of their own back home!

On the way it is anticipated that the Spirit, which contains every last detail of the life that has, in common parlance, just come to an end in death, downloads all of its critical information into the Akashic Record and when on completion of that task it, the Spirit, would no longer exist, just like the human body that is no longer required is either cremated or buried. Only the Soul is eternal!

There is the possibility that this crucial ending would not in fact take place for any number of reasons, the Akasha remains incomplete and the Spirit has chosen to roam the dimensions that surround us in a state of angst and incompleteness.

It feels that there are things left undone and decides to stay around until such time as it can complete its imagined purpose to satisfaction. This is where we wonder about the nature of the ghosts that appear from time to time and usually on time to relive, in its view the untimely moment of passing and hopefully, it assumes, to eventually relieve its angst and finish its task.

I remember growing up in Mum’s guest house whose garden wall bordered the land of Pilton Abbey, then already in private hands, where it was said that the White Nun paraded the terraces at midnight at the same time every year, although I never actually saw her. Even then I was too fond of my sleep!

It was in that same guest house when my grandparents came to stay that there was a knock at the door one night and an old lady who lived further up the hill, towards the Abbey, asked to speak to a Mr Bright, my granddad, and told him she had a message from Peter to say he was all right. My uncle Peter was killed in the war and my granddad wore black for twenty years after. Grandfather did not believe in such things and was devastated. I was thirteen at the time and considered that if God gave the old lady such a gift it was nothing to get upset about, only to be grateful for!

But different cultures have different definitions of what they call the living and the dead. It is reported that the Essenes, even now a mysterious group, despite the searching of the Akasha itself, considered those outside of their teachings to be the dead and only those with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of their faith to be the living.

Speaking of which: it was part of their belief that meditation was the key to their understanding and I certainly concur with this fundamental belief. Many of us have barriers to our oneness, set up at various points in our lives by events, our environment or the beliefs of others. HPT is certainly helpful for many reasons but as posted recently, to find the barriers is part of the preparatory work in clearing the field, so to speak, before the real work can begin.

In fact the Akasha can be read by anyone. There is no special key to search the secrets of the dead and in fact this can be achieved, not necessarily in meditation, but in full waking consciousness with the right attitude of mind and concentration.

The dead are revered in many societies and ancestors are prayed to as if they, like the assumed ancient gods, were capable of changing the fortunes of us still alive on Earth. I very much doubt this as I believe that those who have in fact passed to the Realm of Souls have far more important and pressing things to captivate their consciousness without concerning themselves with the petty day to day problems of their children and grandchildren! Personal responsibility is what brings us the changes we seek.

That is not to say that we are completely alone in our pursuance of our life purpose. There are dedicated Souls whose own purpose has been determined not to incarnate but to support those in their quest for Soul growth still on Earth. Our personal helpers are, if you like, after many, many lifetimes now, and forever, eternally dead, only kidding! But like our Guardian Angel is very much alive as is the ultimate Higher Self. Death for me will be just another adventure into life!
Live with Love, Hanukah


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4 Responses to THE DEAD

  1. brussel1941 says:

    What can I say, dear Hanukah, that I have not said before ?
    I DO agree with the knowledge you are sharing with us. Nothing rings the bell more than your explanations about the Akasha and the way Humans seem to move through World’s History.

    The reasons for scientific advancements could easily be understood for him or her, who is “reading” into the Akasha will get information they are looking for, they will improve (hopefully) their scientific and spiritual knowledge and pass it on again to the Akasha when their Spirit will leave their body behind.

    Someone said nothing gets “lost” in this World and I know he was right, for our bodies will return to the earth whence they came from and our spirits will enhance the knowledge contained in the Akashic Records.
    And, to top it all, our Souls will have experienced or at least have tried to experience whatever they came back to Earth for.

    I also believe that each Soul has received the best friend it could need when a Guardian Angel is placed at its side. It is said that this Angel accompanies the Soul throughout its various pilgrimages through Time.
    It sure can be a reassuring thought to believe that someone is there to hold our hand. But it’s a pity that we are still not able to “sense” its presence due to our thickness and our incredulity.

    Yes, you are so right; each life and each death should be considered as great adventures and it is up to us to make the best of it while we have the possibility.

    Much love and bright light I wish for all of us.



  2. Eric Alagan says:

    “Death for me will be just another adventure into life!”

    I subscribe to this belief too, David.



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