I remember watching scary movies as a young man about the fear of being buried alive and the un-dead or the zombies, created by the voodoo priests in the Caribbean . All adrenalin pumping stuff, which then had nowhere to go!

But seriously what good is medicine to the dead? Unless of course you believe in the raising of the dead, then not medicine but miracle would be called for!
And after death? Well that’s another story!

Medicine in the accepted sense is not required for the dead nor for the outrageously health. If only! We all aspire to that level of fitness, health and happiness, don’t we? But taking this idea one step further to the appreciation of a Higher Power, Supreme Being or Source of All, where miracles could be the daily norm, there are many who already accept such a notion and approach such a being through devotion, daily ritual and HPT meditation.

But there are many more who, though conscious of a Higher Power cannot bring themselves to connect with or come near to such a being for fear of what they may find. Amongst which of course are the fears they have about their own so called sins that will surely find them out in such an encounter.

For any adventure we need to prepare well for every foreseen eventuality. How then, to guide those who are scared of stepping on to the spiritual path? All fear has its cause and the preparation involves looking within to find the causes of the fears we hold. The hidden power within then enables us to reverse the cause to do the opposite and change fear into love.

Instead of concentrating on ourselves we need to look to the needs of others and do all in our power to create the conditions where others benefit from our efforts. Cause no grief, sorrow or sadness to anyone. Treat everyone of whatever colour, country or creed as your brothers and sisters. As you reach forward to a brighter, better future for yourself, hold the other hand out behind to help others up the steep ascending path.

The dead need no medicine but your sweet, beneficial medicine can be administered each and every day without the services of herbalists, chemists or alchemists by simply going within, without fear but understanding that your own healing begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness from the Higher Power you long to reach is given before you ask, but you need to forgive yourself in the clear and certain knowledge that you will change and not repeat the same original thoughts, beliefs and acts that caused your grief, your fear in the first place. Take your daily medicine, your HPT by the generous measure then see your generosity spread out into the world of Peace, Love and Happiness as you serve others.

When you get to this stage you will also become aware that those long held beliefs may also be the origins of your fears. Do not think that you are your beliefs! They are merely beliefs and can be changed and if necessary reversed by your hidden power. The power of your mind!

The path of HPT has many hidden benefits and I entreat you to go to HPT on this blog and find them all for yourself. Some will amaze you and others you have known all along, but in clear sight they were perhaps too obvious to be recognised.

As many of you will know the preparations for our own new adventure are well under way on many levels and we are helped at every step by our Higher Power and our Higher Selves. We each have our own ways of approaching our Higher Selves which we recognise with different names, but the name is not important it is the connection that matters. I pray that your connection will percolate every thought, breath and step you take on your journey through your next adventure.

In so doing you will be empowered to use and share what knowledge and wisdom you have gained so far to help others wherever your adventure takes you.
Remember that not all medicine has to taste bad some like HPT is pure sweetness!
With Love, Hanukah


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6 Responses to MEDICINE for the DEAD

  1. cat says:

    Miracle: I read and understood a lot today … sweet … medicine … 🙂 Thank you and blessed be, D. Love, cat.


  2. Now that was pure balm .. What better medicine could you give your readers than this wonderful piece of advice… Thank you David… Wishing you much Love and HPT in all you do…..
    ~Sue xox


    • Thank you Sue, we watched, for the umpteenth time, the first episode of the Lord of the Rings when precious took on another meaning. Isn’t it amazing what we humans term as precious? Wishing you HPT too in all you do. Love David


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