You know there are a number of offers made in the Good Book that make life pretty simple with no effort, understanding or learning going on, and yet this is referred to as the schoolroom of Earth where the growth of the Soul through experience is the most essential aspect of life. Did the writers of the book, or indeed those who chose the writings realise this and knowing that we would never be able to just follow and get what we want at face value they, and therefore their inheritors, kept us under their control?

I suppose it is at least in our own language now so we can interpret and make up our own minds!
You know what I’m talking about:
‘Knock and it shall be opened’,
‘Ask and it shall be given’
‘Look and you shall find’
And so on …
Which you would think leaves little room for doing much, as it would seem that it’s all done for you, and all you have to do is to say what you want and there it is!

But here’s the catch, as I’m sure you are aware it’s not quite as easy as that and as you know when you read the Bible or the Torah you have to put your thinking cap on at the same time, or it is easy to be misled by just reading the parables and allegorical stories at face value without your own interpretation and some knowledge of history. As you see, some further reading will also help in your understanding!

Much of the teachings of Jeshua were lost on those around him who did not have the wit truly to understand. I believe that James, Judas and Maria who was not a Magdalene but the sister of Martha and Lazarus and therefore an educated, quite wealthy lady and therefore able to fund Jeshua in his Ministry, were a few of those who were able truly to understand the deeper meanings and therefore competent not only to understand but to respond in the way that they perceived and brought their vibrational match through Jeshua in their connection to God the Father, the Source or the Logos.

You see the catch is that in order to achieve anything you have to be able to bring yourself to the point of a vibrational match to what you want. In other words you must be able through the Mer-Ka-Na to bring your brain to where you become what you are seeking. This is the other half of the learning cycle. Nothing is for nothing and it is this giving back part of yourself in the act of becoming that brings what you want into manifestation.

The whole Universe is in this act of growing and becoming. Nothing is static but all is growth and expansion and or contraction. Just like your movement on the pathway to Ascension, the Universe breathes! Just like you, in or out and you are either moving forward or moving backwards, no way can you stand still. That is a position that does not exist in this Universe. It might appear that way since some movements are incredibly slow. Relatively, that is! You may say to yourself: ‘Oh! I’m not getting anywhere with this.’ And consider that you are standing still. Wrong! If you are not going forward you are slipping back!
If there is no breathing movement then there is death!

Harsh words you may think but sometimes we need a bit of a shakeup in order to appreciate exactly where we are, and what to do about getting where we want to be. When you take a good hard look at yourself: ‘Where are you?’

What’s going on in your life? Don’t think that you have to ask someone like me, it’s a bit like dream interpretation, no one else can know you as you really are except you, and only you know whether you are getting anywhere or slipping back into the slough of despond. Please don’t try to pass your responsibility on to someone else especially in this most important aspect of the ascending process.

It’s all very well to get a message of support every now and then from say your own inspirers or from an excellent medium like Eugene, with his world wide experience and unique contact with the Divine, but that cannot happen every day however comforting or life path direction giving it may be, you have your own choices to make and in the process of your daily sessions of HPT, you will be in the best possible light to decide on your way forward, and in that illuminated space you will be best placed to bring yourself to the required vibration of whatever it is that you want to achieve.

So the asking is in the bringing yourself to the same frequency and the process in your HPT is the act of your giving back before you receive what you want. You see how it works? It’s like putting down the deposit before you buy the property you want, you pay first not later, you put the work in first not as and when you please or according to how you may feel later on. That’s how it works my friends. We are all guilty, if not always then at least at one time or another, of falling into apathy and thinking that life will go on no matter what we think, say or do.

I don’t know about you but I have made little programmes of my daily routine that I would like to stick to from early morning meditation onwards, but occasionally life just throws a spanner in the works and the program goes to pot! I have to readjust and start again the following day or if things really change around me then I can make a new schedule. As I have remarked in the past: if you find yourself in chaos shout Hooray! Then make all necessary changes and continue on your way.

I can’t rely solely on my memory as the events of the day can easily upset this fragile forgetfulness! (Is that what I meant, the alliteration seemed appropriate, but perhaps my memory is fragile and the forgetfulness stronger than I imagine!) Ha, ha!
Words are wonderful are they not? Chaos, Choice, Change! Happiness.
I wish you all the greatest of blessings on your journeys of becoming, in your asking and receiving. With Love, Hanukah.


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2 Responses to ASK & IT IS GIVEN

  1. David I have loved reading your posts as they came into my email box and this is another fine example of your excellent writing..
    Love it.. and if only more would understand about us being connected.. The ‘breathing in and out of the Universe’ as you stated… Like you the best laid plans are often thwarted, but I find so long as my Intent is there, then time presents itself at some point..
    Being a medium, many think we hold all the answers! Oh I wish! We too still have to go through our own learning and lessons and spurts of growth or at times when we think we are static and not moving forward… I have found these enforced lulls and breaks are perhaps the most important times where we gather our thoughts and energies to help focus ourselves to be stronger as we travel upon our various roads..

    David thank you for all your contributions to my posts and I so enjoy your posts.
    Love and Light..
    Sue xox


    • Thank you so much Sue. You know it is difficult sometimes to get every aspect of the subject into a post without submitting to the danger of boring the readership. You know what I mean! But you are right that the lulls are important times too and the best way I can describe it for me is: It’s as if I am bouncing up and down on little breaths rather than the deep breathing which I try to maintain. Ha, ha! Love, David


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