Live in the present moment in the presence of God as many a mystic has proclaimed, since it is considered that God does not live in the past that is gone nor in the future that is yet to be but only in the present. But in the same breath they will also affirm that time does not exist and that life is an illusion! Did I say this was the time of discernment?

The only reason I can imagine why we should subscribe to these ideas is that we cannot conceive of anything else with our limited consciousness which can only understand life, the past, the future or the afterlife and indeed God in terms of ourselves. You know? The old anthropomorphic model!

We even blame God for too much or not enough rain, for glut and famine, like some glorified spiritual supermarket owner who can’t manage his shop and constantly has too much or frequently runs out of what we think we need. Who constantly brings deluge, floods, landslides and devastation to punish us for our misdemeanours and yet there is never so much as a whisper that mankind could be to blame for any of our mishaps. After all what’s wrong with deforestation, pollution and all the rest?

If time does not exist and all lives are actually concurrent (Try getting your head round that, it took me a while!) then God exists. (Full stop!). This makes sense of the fact that we are capable of not only changing our present state of affairs and preparing our future, but also we are perfectly able to change the past that will also affect our presents and futures.

The way I was able to make some sense of this was to borrow from Doctor Who that we are all essentially Time Lords. Not exactly in the manner of the good Doctor in any of his incarnations, but in the state of mind that exists between sleep or dream and waking consciousness.

You know that seeming twilight zone when most inspiration comes filtering through, particularly when preparing for the first meditation of the day, in the early hours, when almost as soon as I close my eyes I have to reach for the pad and pen. At my age if I don’t resort to this time honoured method of recall then it can be lost forever! You can laugh but it is true.

So what happened to the Golden Rule?
Well to be honest like many a man made maxim it simply dissolves into the ether, like many constants, proclaimed by the establishment of physicists, they are not constant at all, according to Sheldrake like the Speed of Light or Big G i.e. Gravity which both vary continuously. But if there is one constant in this Universe it is the Logos. And that you can believe for it is outside the results or expectations of any Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN in Switzerland. But even that I believe like the rest of us is in the glorious state of becoming!

Never mind the Higgs Bosun Particle which even when found and verified will prove nothing and give nothing to mankind. When, I ask, will the scientists have the courage to challenge and investigate the one constant that we all enjoy.
With Love, concerned and conscious, Hanukah


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