GOALS (Following on CREATION)

Most of us when we are young have the greatest goals to reach for, be it engine driver, rocket scientist or Prime Minister. The thing is that we are so pressured by our peers and parents that often we are steered away from the thing that we most desire.

Now when you identify what you really want to do, at whatever age, there is a process that occurs, outside of your waking consciousness, which attracts universal energy that begins to flow through you. It is dependant solely on your wanting, your desire and your concentration on that one goal.

It is when you give it your all, no matter what others may say, like: ‘it won’t work’ or ‘you’ll never make any money at it’, take no notice and concentrate purely on your desire. In this way, and here we come into the realms of Star Wars the Force begins to flow through you. Which in Universal parlance: the Law of Attraction is activated and you will receive energy to realise your dream and much to the surprise of others and your detractors your desire will begin to manifest.

There are of course contra indications as with any remedy, but these are all to do with you. The first is not to doubt for a moment that your dream will be realised.
Don’t think for a second that you are not worthy of the fantasy that others see you heading towards. Don’t consider the hows and wherefores, leave that to the Universe and maintain your concentration on the goal.

There are limits of course, like if your leg was blown off by a landmine don’t expect the Law to re-grow your leg, but it is surprising how the Law of Attraction can overcome seeming impossibilities. As I say that’s not for you to worry about, just keep your mind fixed on your desire.

When you stop desiring and concentrating on what you want the energy slows and then stops flowing through you and returns from whence it came. This is what life is! It is the flow of creative energy that flows through you in response to your desire. Never stop desiring, never stop wanting and never stop creating. You remember that we create with our minds and we make stuff with our hands?

If you are like me you never stop creating. My passion is in making something out of nothing, or at least very little and reusing when possible and where possible using what nature provides to enhance and beautify my surroundings rather than buying something man made. So for this to happen I am constantly drawing plans and pictures of what I want to achieve. Of course I might need a nail or a screw or a handle or two from the local shop but I guess my overall goal is to create using what has been provided and to leave trails of glory wherever I go.

How about you? Are you a DIY freak like me, a cook, artist, musician, poet, gardener, well the list is endless, and I hope that at the conclusion of every quest you are the epitome of happiness and in seventh heaven surrounded by sparkles of achieved goals, but most of all the trails and grails of glory from your journey.
With Passion for Creation, Hanukah


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4 Responses to GOALS (Following on CREATION)

  1. David, your posts are always ‘Creative’ and ‘Inspirational’ my friend, and I am always uplifted and motivated with what you write…. I think we create more often than we think… although I am no DIY expert, I love creating things for the home, I made my own curtains, and as you know I enjoy my art and crafts.. We must remember too we create on an invisible level also. We create with our Thoughts…. to me this is often overlooked by some…
    We are forever guided within the flow of energy, and I agree with Eugene, who says not all is rosy in our lives, but each of those rainy days make us grow and appreciate the Sunny ones all the more…

    Many thanks for your visits my friend, and I so enjoy reading your posts although I am not always on the Pc to comment back to them.. 🙂
    Love and Blessings


  2. brussel1941 says:

    A cordial salute Hanukah… Thanks for the ideas you share with all of us, they are think tanks while they help us to put some order in our thoughts.

    Yes creation is not necessarily starting with nothing but rather use what is readily available and transform scratch into something more beautiful or useful.

    When you tell us never to let go of our dreams and not to be deterred by ill advice or plain rejection from others whether parents, educators or friends.
    As a youngster I wanted to become an expert of the laws but, by lack of the necessary funds, I never even finished my education. I accepted to look for my second best and use my skills of language to travel around the world. Working for the Airlines made this goal more than feasible… I saw sceneries I would never have seen otherwise, I met people so interesting whom I would never have encountered in other circumstances. In that aspect I have to thank my good Fortune for what I received but, of course, I had to go for it.

    One advice I would like to give anyone who is trying to reach the Stars, is to prepare his/her travel well.
    It is essential to know whether you have the talents and the right stamina to follow an often very difficult pathway. Making one’s dream a reality is not an easy business and it requires a constant update and a good deal of courage and most of all of idealism.
    It will not be sunny everyday and sometimes it will rain on your parade … after the rain comes sunshine… but it takes faith in oneself and also the knowhow to make bad days turn to our advantage.

    I wish all the readers of this post the best of luck … and the assurance that one can reach the sky for that is the limit.

    Warm regards and much Love and Light.



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