I believe that forgiveness is the beginning of healing.
The intention of forgiveness is not to make you feel better about yourself and relieve you of the guilt you may feel but it does release judgement and fear. Expressed of course it may make the other feel better so long as your forgiveness is sincere.

The Shaman, or the Peacemaker, has many responsibilities amongst which are to heal, to look after the spiritual well-being of those in his care and also to make peace. Peace between brothers and peace also between sworn enemies, and the natural way is to bring all the parties together in an atmosphere of forgiveness, thus facilitating the change from confrontation to compromise and conscious conciliation.

The way of the Peacemaker leads naturally to the restoration of Divine Order which seeks balance, harmony and peace. As I write my mind is filled with images of the Shaman standing on a hilltop with arms outstretched and palms uppermost in the attitude of offering.

While many still rely on the intermediary work of their Shaman, Cleric or Priest, when you as an individual offer all of your gifts, your feelings and beliefs to the Divine by whatever name you choose, whether physically or in the mind, you make allowance for the channel to open and let Peace wash through you.

All throughout my upbringing I was taught about security and about protection and I see more and more, due maybe to the very nature of the world we have created, which demands that we continue to build more and more castles and walls and spend more and more on so called defence, that we so easily turn to offence under the guise of protectors of the world!

This was even in my relative youth and to this day taught by spiritual teachers who demand that we must protect ourselves from the nefarious negative energies by closing down our Chakras in order that we are not adversely affected by those damaging vibrations.

Well, I have to say that you will only attract to you what you have already in your mind! Why would you close down your most important avenue of beneficent Divine energy and unconditional love through your natural portals directly to your physical body through the hormonal endocrine system? You would only do this through fear and the only thing you have to fear in this regard is fear itself. Open yourself to Peace, open yourself to Harmony and open yourself to Unconditional Love.

We live in an old farmhouse type Spanish Hacienda that has all the old wooden blinds on the outside and shutters on the inside. So, my question is: What is a house like with all its shutters closed? I can tell you it is a dark and dismal place and needs some kind of light from within.

So the answer is to open your shutters, open your Chakras and allow them to receive and to give, as they are divinely designed to do. The light of unconditional love, peace and forgiveness flows in both directions. Let it be so!

You know you are forgiven by the Divine before you even consider asking for forgiveness, but what most of us forget is to forgive ourselves which is the beginning also of our own healing through an immune system that becomes free to activate, un-weighed down by fear and guilt. You see most of the personal baggage we carry round is the guilt of past actions and the fear of retribution, plus of course the baggage of others which we should let go of immediately and let freedom reign.

Guilt and fear are of no use to you.
Free yourself and forgive yourself immediately. Do it now!
Live in Peace and Forgiveness. Love Hanukah.


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2 Responses to FORGIVENESS in 2013

  1. cat says:

    I feel no guilt … because I know I am pure … but I have much fear of impure people … because they wear crosses around their necks, while they slam people … bullies with crosses around their necks are so very scary … bulldozers ,,, human bulldozers … you know …


  2. brussel1941 says:

    Hi Hanukah… Thanks for this valuable post and all it carries with it.

    Reading your post I immediately thought about the Native American Indians and their custom of letting the Chosen One, the Shaman, help them to make peace between the different tribes or ethnic groups living all around what would be called later the New World. He was a incommensurable tool of peace and all, whether Chiefs or Warriors would listen to his voice expressing the Will of the Great Manitu.

    They, mostly, did not feel the necessity to build walls around their camps because they felt safe and only the seasons and the presence of the wild cattle, their main food, made them move to new territories.
    There was enough space and they tried to respect their brothers homeland as much as possible.

    One phrase also hit me and made me remember something Jesus said as related in one of the Gospels…and I would like to paraphrase it very freely : “It is not what enters men that is bad but rather what comes out of them “.
    I do agree with you, what we do no accept will not be able enter Chakras .. but it is necessary to let Love and Light flow out of our Chakras. As you so justly underlined … what does a house look like when all shutters and doors are closed… to all who look inside it will appear as a sinister habitation, and so it is.

    Open your mind, open your heart, open your arms … are injunctions we hear repeated all along our lives, never the contrary… so then, why should we close the entrances to such valuable parts of our psyche as the Chakras and their realities.

    To conclude just these few words .. Forgiveness is an art but its brother ( or sister ) Forgetfulness must be its companion… for if our Memory of past wrongdoings is not dulled then Forgiveness will never be complete.

    Love and Light to you and to all who will read this post.



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