I exist
I have always been
I will always be.
I am measured
And calibrated
In sectors huge
And small.
Others heal
In me, or die.
I can move
Fast or slow
But that is
Only sadly
In your perception.
When I am gone
You will be
No more.
But in fact
I am here
For the long run
And that run
Is called
How do you
See me?
After all
My span
Can be
Or worthless!
According to
How you
Value me.
Or am I
Your illusion?
I say it is
This moment
That counts.
And my name?
My name is Time.
© David Tenneson 2013


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to A MOMENT of ILLUSION

  1. cat says:

    Love spending time pondering your words. Always, cat. PS: So you are back home? Welcome home 🙂


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