You know what they say: Don’t try to run before you can walk. This was brought home to me most vividly this last week when I witnessed my granddaughter of 15 months wanting to get from A to B as quickly as possible, focussed on the goal and with no regard to what lay in her path, tripping and falling and with no skill yet to put her hands forward to save herself got covered in bruises on her forehead! As usual at that age the learning curve is vertical.

Even we adults are also guilty of rushing into things when a little forethought and planning would avoid the inevitable trips and mistakes that seem to rise up like mountains, instead of the pebbles they really are that we could see as such with just a modicum of measurement and risk management beforehand.

It is a fact that rather than rushing headlong into the unknown, thinking you will find your way as you go, a deliberate, specific plan is the best and safest way forward to avoid the time wasting diversions and wrong turns that can otherwise occur.

But here’s the most important ingredient that needs to be incorporated into any plan that you make: make sure that the essential elements of joy, pleasure and happiness are written into any blueprint, contract or agreement that you may consider making. Happiness for you that is!

It may sound daft to those of you left brain dominant doyens of decision makers but just think about it for a moment. If it’s just money, i.e. profit, which guides your thinking then there may not be actual happiness in the final outcome of the equation that prompts your planning or negotiations. Let happiness and joy be your guiding light in all that you do, envision and desire.

There is a lot to be said for ‘sleeping on it’. The information exchange that flows back and forth between the waking conscious mind and the sub-consciousness can bring elements of desire into your plans that were not foreseen at the moment of the original idea. So savour your ideas and let them formulate at consciousness levels, as I say, even overnight so that possible errors and mistakes can be excluded at the mental level before your plans become physical.

As we have prompted in the past whatever you consider and think about, plan or decide upon, sends out a vibration that is immediately matched by the universal source. It is a reflection, if you like, that will respond to you in the manner that you send out. So, if you have in fact incorporated the essential elements of happiness and joy then that is what will be mirrored back to you.

In the wider context, which with my defined focus I am constantly trying to broaden, there is one more element that you may consider to include in your quest, whatever that may be and for whatever reason, and that is the general gift of goodness. If you can see your way to generate within your specific plans the highest good of not only you and yours, but also the highest good of all, then there is a greater, brighter and more immediate reflection of your final actualisation.

As usual the choice is yours, but with all of these aspects to consider, together with the normal economic elements, you can see why the maxim of ‘being easy’ is a good one to become part of your daily decision making.
Take your time and let joy be your ultimate goal. With Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to BE EASY

  1. brussel1941 says:

    As usual I only can say ” Yes, I do agree ” with what you shared with us.

    While reading the first paragraphs, I thought about the example of the Tom Tom ( or GPS in an other languages ).
    This technological device will help us to drive ( or walk, as the case may be!) from A to B ( if B is our proposed destination, of course ! )… it will tell us if there are “impediments” on the roads ( that means also radar beacons … Good, he !!! ) BUT ..for yes, there is a big BUT .. you have to program the Tom Tom yourself first.
    It will not decide for you where to go, it will only follow your orders and …only then guide you along at the best of its knowledge.
    I do believe we should do the same thing with the “little voice” within, that will or might tell us if we are on the right track. Precipitation is the contrary of velocity, and very often we don’t seem to see the difference.

    Popular wisdom has taught us to “sleep over” a difficult decision and also that ” the night will bring counsel “, meaning in both cases that we should ponder a bit longer over a determination to do or not do something.
    As in the case of the Tom Tom, it would also be advisable to get help from that good friend and listen to his or her experience in the matter, but of course we will still have to choose if we want to go to B… after all.

    Yes, it is also very important to look at the gratifying side of our conclusion. A decision that does not entail a minimum of welfare cannot be good .. even if the overall idea sounds negative.
    To illustrate this last phrase .. I think about a divorce, separation which often in itself is the proof of the failure of a partnership; but maybe that break up might give both partner the possibility to find their way back to where they were supposed to go and were not able to reach together.
    This difficult decision could be a blessing in disguise… if ONLY one could see where one is going from here …
    Preparing an itinerary is half the fun they say … and maybe they are right… let’s get ready for the road and foresee the water and the food we will need for the …maybe long traject.

    Good luck to everyone… and may the Stars show us the way to our own Beth Lehem.

    Love and light to all.



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