I will shortly leave this place I call home and those I love who share my passion, to visit others in my homeland a thousand miles away who I love equally, but you know what they say about a prophet in his own land?

So I will enter merging circles of light created by my family and their families and our friends and their families with different interests and passions. The immediate company and far reaching companies all have their own light but it becomes one light when we are together.

Togetherness is a concept that we humans barely understand as a physical joining but which merges and unifies in many different ways. Some ways are physical yes, but others are conscious yet apart and yet others are unconscious but all are One. You only have to pick up a phone, e-mail, or Skype to become connected in a semi-physical and conscious way.

In the circles that I am envisioning, through common love, we appreciate one another for who and what we are even though most of us still do not appreciate the link that exists between us all. As we said in a recent post relationships are forever and much to my amazement, when I first found out, despite our differences, exist into eternity.

Perhaps, with this in mind, it is easier to imagine the link of light that exists between us all through our shared passions or for that matter despite our differing passions. But what to me makes this even more amazing is that when we come together with the shared passion of recognising and praising the light of the One within all of us the light takes on a new and profound brilliance.

When this brilliant illumination is brought together in the shared field of empathy and compassion the brilliance takes on a new and almost terrifying vibration for it becomes the frequency of the cosmic power that creates stars and galaxies. Compassion for our brothers and sisters whoever and wherever they are in the world is the true illumination of the human race that carries Ascension through enlightenment, the kind of enlightenment that this knowledge brings to the Spirit and gladdens the Soul.

Is it any wonder then, with this understanding, that the Masters have consistently told us that we truly are the Light of the World? When the Good Book talks of: ‘when two or three are gathered together …‘ you can perhaps understand that phrase a little better in the knowledge of the illuminating aspect of coming together, not just physically, not just on line but in tune in common vibration.

The vibration of the One cosmic Lord Logos.

This leads us to recognition of the vibration of love, peace and oneness that exists within every one of us. When we allow this vibration to manifest with every breath and every step we take we become the Light of the World.
In Love and Light, Hanukah


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