“Oh! She (or he) is so emotional!” You know the expression as if it was the wrong way to be. Well watch out! This is your warning system acting in response to what you are imagining, thinking and planning. It’s your thoughts that do the creating and it’s your emotions that do the responding and telling you how it’s going to affect you. It’s, if you like, an inbuilt warning system. You don’t have to do anything because it’s an automatic built in alarm arrangement.

So, if you are the one experiencing emotional swings, highs and lows, don’t knock them and try to understand what they are trying to tell you. Because it’s not your reactions that are the cause it’s the thoughts that you have had in the first place, and let’s face it they can be as fleeting, nebulous and hidden from our daily waking consciousness as our subconscious dream states!

We have to come back to the task of being more conscious of what we are thinking and why we are thinking what we are thinking, in other words we need to become more mindful of all that’s going on in our heads. To begin with mindfulness seems a daunting quest, but it is necessary if we are truly to know ourselves and what is making us tick!

Yes, here it is again: ‘Know thyself’ and here we begin to delve a little deeper into the realms of thought. It is the thought itself that sets up the energetic source or vibration that all other agencies in the universe respond to. Whether you are responding to your brief remembrance of a dream the night before, your sometimes strange imaginings or a logical conscious idea about something you want or a recipe to bake a cake or how to solve a problem. It matters not, all these aspects of thought set up individual and often complex vibratory patterns.

These patterns are the causes and the effects which are felt by you in response. When I say you I mean the inner mechanisms that give rise to your emotional feelings that make others comment “Oh there they go again”. Fear not it’s you that are on the right track: You are wanting, desiring, creating vibrations, getting responses and having those feelings within you to reflect the effects. Hooray! You are living!

I’m not saying that’s it and go on in the same unmindful way, what I am saying is for you to try to be more conscious of how those feelings are produced, what makes them manifest in the way that they do and yes, how can you be aware of and control what goes on inside you.

So you get these feelings, these emotions and the next question is what to do with them. Well, firstly try to understand them and the differences between the many forms they take, for they can be as diverse as the thoughts that you had in the first place that produced the vibrations that you responded to with feeling.

In time you will, understand that they are the indicators of what’s coming. You know a lot is spoken about living in illusion, that time does not exist but so much that we experience needs time in order to manifest and for us to discern its true meaning. I believe that time is important.

For instance Healing is not required in Eternity but it can happen in Time. Long term illness, a product of the mind can take time to remedy, or it can heal in a second. Everyone is different and we all respond differently. Which is why I say to you: try to understand your own feelings, because they are unique to you and only you can truly understand them. Don’t ask anyone else for they may unwittingly lead you along an erroneous path to misunderstanding, just like dreams!

Knowing yourself is a singular, personal quest and what you need to understand, in finding out about yourself, is that what you send out and what comes back, in other words your thoughts and your feelings, are a vibrational match. It can only be this way it is the Eternal Law of Attraction. This is just a hint, to help you to understand the nature of the thought, or thoughts that gave rise to how you feel today and every day in the future.
TIP: When you are digging deep inside to find out what your true beliefs are remember that your feelings will lead you to your honest beliefs. Another built in signpost system!
Watch! Keep a careful lookout for those feelings. Love, Hanukah


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  1. FlutePlayer says:

    Honest communication.


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