The importance of concentration which we have shown is the primary element of HPT or your own form of meditation is also important in the pursuance of your life purpose. But unfortunately we all tend to focus only on certain aspects of our lives at the expense of other equally important areas. I have, what I call, a defined focus that enables me to concentrate 110% on the opportunity or challenge presented to me that may in fact last some considerable time. In other words I can throw myself into some new experience, challenge or project and to hell with everything else until I have done my thing and exhausted every ounce of energy or accumulation of ideas on the subject and seen it to an acceptable conclusion. Annoying for others maybe, but for that period I am in my element!

This can happen as each new challenge of my calling presents itself that is offered to me but also I only have to read an article, book or post to be totally diverted onto a new focal plane! In which I also have infinite patience.

Unfortunately my unique focus has been the instrument which I believed enabled me to live in the absolute present moment, but I now know that it also shut me off from so many other aspects of my life that also needed my attention, if not equal focus.

Others at the opposite end of the spectrum have such a wide view of life seeing everything at once that they are unable to give any particular challenge the concentration that it calls for and frequently become frustrated and impatient, wanting everything to happen immediately.

I must say that in trying to broaden my scope I found that I had left all my boxes open and tried to cope with too many things all at once ending up with similar feelings of impatience leading to panic attacks!

In our spiritual search we are all encouraged to follow the path of Ascension as if it is something new that will lead to a form of enlightenment which we will enjoy and manifest as a period in our lives of peace and tranquillity with no challenges any more.

Warning! Warning! If that were so we would all be heading for stasis where our lives become static with no further possibility for growth. The equivalent would in fact be death. (But even death is not what most folks think it is!) No that just ain’t going to happen my friends, no matter where you find yourself on the path, you will always be faced with challenges and the higher you go the greater the challenges will become as you yourself become more and more able to meet and deal with those greater opportunities for growth. You see the whole Universe is in the energetic movement of becoming and every Soul on every planet open to our restricted view or not is in that same movement. Call it Ascension if you will.

If you are looking for peace and contentment then there is only one thing for you to do: Concentrate on the joy and the happiness in living and loving both inwardly and outwardly so that every thought, every word and every action brings only the energetic reward of joy and happiness to you and from you to the Universe that, make no mistake, will respond in like manner.

As one of our friends has so wisely commented maybe it is initial contentment that will guide you on the path to a feeling of happiness which after all is just a state of consciousness that I believe comes with practice! Perhaps even the practice of contentment in all aspects of your life! What say you?
Blessings from Hanukah


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6 Responses to CONCENTRATION

  1. Mr friend, what a great post 🙂 I’m always learning something from you, so thank you 🙂
    For me, I guess I’m a little of both worlds, I sometimes have so much on the go and I want answers, results immediately, giving parts of my concentration to each project / task/idea.. then I focus and target in and concentrate my intention and pursue to the end result with complete awareness of what needs to be done. Am I strange ?… 🙂

    Namaste my friend



  2. brussel1941 says:

    Well well well, dear Hanukah .. my comment to your post is a comment you posted on your post …
    Yes, Siree . that means very little personal comment on your very great universal post.
    Here it comes :

    Others ( that’s me ! ) at the opposite end of the spectrum have such a wide view of life seeing everything at once that they are unable to give any particular challenge the concentration ( though I try very consciously) that it calls for and frequently become frustrated (very !! ) and impatient ( very impatient ), wanting everything to happen immediately.(and yes I want everything to happen at the same time ). .

    Does that sounds familiar ? Yes, indeed .. even to me !!!
    I surely will try to focus better on things that need to be challenged, but do not expect me to promise anything and then perjure myself. No Siree .. that I will never do !!

    Much Love and the right amount of Light.. I wish you and all the readers of this post.



  3. cat says:

    Just “drank” your article, D … Any chance that you’ll offer workshops?
    If not, your blog posts are my workshops …


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