There is a lot to be said for feeling good and apart from the obvious commitment of owning a pet like a dog or a cat to enjoy the stress relieving gift, the necessary increased activity, the way they bring your stress levels down, all contribute to a healthier heart. I can certainly vouch for the cat but the dog, and I’ve had a few, would be too much of a responsibility for me now. However if it suits you then go for it!

But what I want to bring to the table is the good feeling that we need to bring to the must do tasks that we can either get mad about, see as not good, or find that good feeling that takes away the chore value of the task which then becomes a matter of pleasure and joy. It is easier then you might think.

Did you know that the future is created by our needing, wanting, and desiring?
I don’t exactly like cleaning the brass and we have a lot, but I just love the result and so when it comes to brass cleaning time I don’t get ‘brassed off’ I want and desire that finished sparkle, so every rub of the cloth becomes like the expectation of Aladdin with his magic lamp because I know that in the end there will be the Genie of that sparkle, shining in the candle light!

It’s this kind of positive aspect of our consciousness that we need to bring to every effort, task and chore that may in the past have been seen as doubtful duties, questionable quests or just plain time wasting but necessary work. The latter may not be your choice or duty but put on you by others, nevertheless it is the self same signals that gave you grief in the past that approached in the right way from now on will bring you a joyful return in the future.

How does that happen?
Well when you send out that feel good factor no matter what you have to do then those things that naturally bring you good feelings will be attracted to you. It’s a natural law of attraction that like attracts like and feeling good about anything will attract good feeling things to you. Especially I may say those things that were irksome in the past that you have now turned through 180º to become a joy!

Just imagine for a moment if you could change your life so much that everything becomes like a Pollyanna pandemic that everything you touch or have to do becomes joyful. Everything brings its own degree of happiness! This is the only real requirement that the Logos has for us – to be happy and joyful and it’s up to us as to how we achieve it. Our Soul together with the Divine intent has prepared the plan and it is up to our Consciousness and Body to live that plan and no matter what painful path was planned it is up to us to bring onto that path the shining light of happiness. I have always believed that happiness is just a level of consciousness!

All the love, the joy and the happiness you send out will come back to you tenfold, and this is no fairy story, this is the reality of life on Earth this is how it really is. You only have to look round and see the differences between people and how they approach life. Some have chosen at their highest level the most dangerous path to tread but the way they walk that way makes all the difference not only to themselves but to those around them as well. They can die due to desperation or they can be joyful in every breath and every step they take. Which one are you?

Not many of us would have chosen the life of Mother Theresa but look at the way she approached her choice!
Choose wisely with Love in your heart and feel good about it, Hanukah


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2 Responses to FEEL GOOD FACTOR

  1. cat says:

    I don’t even strive to feel good, D … I just want to feel content … now, I know my comments might not make much sense, but please allow me to read and comment … Love, cat.


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