I remember a vision of a Garden of Peace which I would wander through in my meditations, too many years ago now to recall exactly when, but I would meander through that peaceful place when my life was falling into tatters. I thankfully found a spiritualist church and Meditation which I realise now were my retreat, if you like. The church being a place filled with loving people and the meditation a way of relaxing and escaping to a beautiful landscape, which I could people with plants and trees and personalities, from this world and the next, of my own choice who would bear me no ill will and bring me energy and healing to restore my shattered mind and frame.

Not my purpose of Meditation now I know and I guess I’ve always been a gardener from my early years when Mum ran a guest house that had a large high walled garden that Grandfather called the Monastery Garden. And yes elements of the place and that time provided the backdrop of my visions of recuperation which helped me through a difficult period of my life.

But why be more Catholic than the Pope, to be so strict about the whys and wherefores and reasons and means? If it helps you like it did then for me, my advice now would be to go for it and as one of our communicators has said ‘Your consciousness has to be an Ascension to the Lord every day!’ In other words to recall in your mind, call it meditation if you wish, your reason for being and link into that as often as possible during your day.

I read a report recently about the effect of faith on recuperation of patients who made a faster return to full health than those who had no faith at all of whatever religion or lack of, in other words – though not specified – faith in the self is equally beneficial. And as I call it your Highly Precious Time (HPT) make every moment of your day count by understanding the need to maintain through your HPT every moment the connection with your Divine Source.

You could look upon HPT as your time spent in tilling the garden of your Soul, when you invite the seeds of truth to plant in your prepared space that will come to you from the Divine seed bank of all Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom. As any good gardener, you can pull out those old weeds of doubt and mis-belief creating a mulch of love and thanks allowing the new seeds to benefit from the old and to grow to fruition faster in faith allowing the beauty of growing wisdom to blossom in your garden.
Garden in peace within and without in Love, Hanukah


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4 Responses to GARDEN of PEACE

  1. cat says:

    Love reading your posts, D … it’s like drinking a healing potion … I don’t understand everything, but I can feel everything, because I can cry … Thank you … Love, cat (


  2. brussel1941 says:

    Hi Hanukah… Thanks for sharing with all of us your experiences and dreams.

    Reading your post I must confess that I do not have, fortunately or unfortunately, the same powers of dreaming as you have. My imagination is fertile but not in the same direction as yours.
    My meditations are a pursuit of my own life … I have not (as yet?) set regular times aside to sit and relax. for my impatience is too strong to let my mind wander along the beautiful garden of our imagination.

    Not being a good gardener, or even a gardener at all, I can’t see the difference between beautiful weeds and not so beautiful plants. I admire the beauty of nature and marvel in front of the beautiful roses and feel enraptured by the smell of the bushes of lavender… but poppies and buttercups can equally fascinate me.

    All this chit chat to say that we do not (at least I don’t ) have to sit in the silence and move our Spirit to where our Soul would like to be. No, it is sufficient to know who we are the three of us, my Soul, my Spirit and my Body, and what route we have to walk during this lifetime to know we are on the way to greater things. Conferences at the summit, as our politicians call it, between me, me and me are very rewarding and this way we can check our daily routines and make the necessary amendments before bad habits have settled in.

    This, dear Hanukah, is my way of promenading in my own Garden of Peace. All around me might be in turmoil and in war but I know where my final goal is anchored.

    May we all find our own little Garden of Peace and may we fill it with all the plants and flowers we love and be happy.
    Have a good journey wherever you are and wherever you’re heading to.
    May Love and Light be in your duffel bags forever.



    • As you know, dear Eugene, in trying to create the English garden here in Spain the tractor mower was employed, but due to hospitalisation the green sward was left to go its own way. We are now surrounded by the most beautiful mass of wind flowers of every colour (call them weeds if you wish) but then a weed is only a flower in the wrong place for us. Thank heaven we enjoy them all wherever they are. To garden within is more important than to garden without! Love, David


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