Got your spanners handy?
My Son in law would appreciate the question, being the consummate mechanic, having just moved from Aircraft to High Tech Medical Systems and Linear Accelerators! I reckon he can build and fix anything, including my car and computer, bless him. I always wanted one of the daughters to marry a DIY nut and he surpassed me long ago!

Are you aware that the allopathic doctor / patient relationship is not only interdependent but also self perpetuating? You see, the one believes in and relies on the other. We have come to believe that the slightest to the gravest ache or pain can be alleviated and condition cured by our doctor. The doctor on the other hand believes in disease and that he is the saviour of the sick and relies on us to provide a constant stream of sickness to treat.

Even if we go back in time to before medicine as we know it to the time of the medicine men of old, some by the way still in practice today, it is they, who through their visions and spells take on the responsibility of pain and sickness. Does the practise and belief in voodoo still today tell you something about the power of the human mind? The operative word being belief!

A modern day Medicine Man or Woman, Shaman or Witch will, just like some of our energy healers, tell you that they feel the pains and symptoms of their patient taking it on themselves and away from the patient and dealing with it in their own specific ways. So my question to you is: “What works for you?”

The reason I ask that question is that it seems that we are all too ready to give our responsibility to others in the belief that they are far more able to look within us and sort out our problems when in most cases the contrary is the case. Who knows your body better than you? And when you just think for a moment of the fantastic facility of research that is available to you at your fingertips on the Internet the number of ways of promoting better health is mind boggling!

But I have to say ‘with care’ having noticed myself that the contrary is also true and that spending too much time staring at a screen, apart from some of its dodgy content, can also be damaging to the eyesight. Since starting to blog I have had one change of glasses. But then I should know myself by now, throwing myself into something to my own detriment! Moderation in all things eh?

Since I finished my career on the Health and Safety side of the business I should know better having advised the estimators, secretaries and CAD designer operators to take a change of occupation every hour to preserve their physique and eyesight! So now, what works for me is making sure I take that break, wear the right glasses and do my eye exercises night and morning.

Similarly I used to suffer from dreadful backache and blamed it on everything including the mattress and relied on analgesic creams and ibuprofen pills to keep me pain free. Not anymore! What works for me is touching my toes 20 times morning and evening to keep the vertebrae flexible and the muscles stretched and supple.

At the same time as those exercises I look after neck, hands and feet and a couple of times a week a 30 minute walk on the wild side keeps this aging frame in pretty good trim. None of these things in isolation would work but together it’s like bringing together the instruments of an orchestra of health and of course the musical score is the fuel for the music in other words the food and drink.

Honestly I can’t call it a diet, been there, done that, bought the books and scanned the Internet, been veggie and reverted to the omnivore that I am happy with, again in moderation and reducing quantities even followed ‘eating right for my blood type’ and that was a failure.

Just to give you a couple of hints a small amount of sheep’s cheese each day, natural Greek unflavoured yogurt every other day, a small cube of chocolate and a glass of red wine every day with loads of steamed vegetables with turmeric and garlic and small amounts of meat and fish suit me just fine and certainly works well for me and my body. Oh and a cup of hot honey and cider vinegar before the main meal keeps the joints flexible! Local honey being best, in fact local everything being the best for you wherever you are.

But there is no doubt in my mind that you know best, you know your own body best and you are the best detective to find and understand the causes and remedies of your problems which let’s face it are really opportunities for you to understand and grow through. You probably, like me learn something new every day and when it comes to men with prostate cancer, 70% were cured after giving up all carbohydrates that were supplying the sugars that fed their cancers!

Now I have to say that there is one other, what I can only call vital way to help your health and that is through talking. No not walking although that does help but talking to yourself, which I have called ‘the beginning of wisdom’. Talking to your body, taking full advantage of the vocabulary of ‘F’ words!

Some talk of purpose in general but I like to promote proper, planned Function of every single one of the 60 trillion cells that keep us going. Flexibility, as above, is another great word especially as we tend to seize up through less activity in old age! And Flow? Now there’s a great word that applies to so many of the internal systems of the body including all the Fluids, airs and let’s face it the Flow of the Chakric energies to and from the endocrine glands. And please, don’t close your system down remain open to the cosmic energies that are there to help you unless you block them by closing. Of course, as always, the choice is yours!

Finally Focus! That every Follicle remains Free and Functioning in a healthy manner for the sake of your hair and your skin, that every cell is Focused in its primary Function and the eyes, all three of them, have restored short and long Focus and Intuitive Flow.

Can you see how much is involved here? It’s no wonder that folks speak of their lives becoming an HPT or a Meditation when you consider the conversations that you could and should have with your body in all its generalities, specialities and subtleties that could take up your whole day!

Then there are the super foods – if you are interested in general health they too are worth a tap on the keyboard. But if you are happy being fat, overweight, obese and in danger of the deadlies like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, be happy! But I prefer to give my body a break, try to keep my weight within bounds. But can I just squeeze in a few favourites again? Like: turmeric, garlic, chilli, peppers, cucumber, gogi berries – in fact all berries. There’s loads more, but I guess that’s all for now …
Wishing you wealth and prosperity but most of all health and happiness.
Love, Hanukah


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