Following the comment on Teacher by Eric we thought a follow-up might be appropriate:
I think we agree that the best way to learn is to teach. Having the courage to get up in front of a group however large or small is a daunting prospect but it does make sure that you marshal your thoughts into some sort of order and sense to get the message across as you understand it and for the benefit of your audience as you understand them.

But I digress.
The truth is that there is a mission that all of us should realise that we have to follow in order to get what’s needed for our growth in this particular, or for that matter any, life, and that process, which some call purpose, usually involves a form of service to others and I am sure I don’t have to say that service to our fellows is service to the Divine and therefore Soul Service.

The fact is that we have been told in no uncertain terms of the mission that has been laid out before us. We, Eugene and I, are a partnership and we know that we have been gifted: One with the written word and the other with the spoken sounds and we have also been told that together we make the whole entity. Due to our partnership there has in fact over the last ten years been a melding of those gifts, the only diversification being the communication in different languages in both written and spoken forms.

The mission has started but will blossom in the future when we have learned all to a certain point and are ready to teach those in need. Our learning will continue and as we learn we will teach, cementing what we have learned and teaching the message to those whose needs are paramount. I say those but the mission would be fulfilled if even just one was to benefit!

Part of the purpose, as given, is to remove the jargon and pseudo-scientific, published blurb that tends more to confuse than to inform the ordinary folk who are yearning to learn more of the nature of existence on Earth and Ascension in particular. In short our mission is to bring things down to earth! Having said, that the task is not religion based – it is Soul based, which I hope does not sound like a contradiction, but if it does then perhaps you should listen in.

You see, it has been laid out for us, in no uncertain terms, that the mission is to inform that whereas there has been a preponderance of thought and emphasis on the spiritual aspect of Ascension, with much talk of enlightenment, it is in essence primarily a physical transformation. Very much based in the 3rd Dimension which mankind still and persistently to date has been unable to manage.

It is anticipated that posts will continue on Hanukah and the Angel as received, but as with any form of teaching the level and content will be dictated by the physical audience and their needs. In the meantime your ideas and feelings would also act as a guide hopefully to fulfil your own requirement so please feel free to comment and question.
With Love, Hanukah


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3 Responses to THE LEARNER.

  1. cat says:

    Working on a busy active psych ward I teach and learn … every day …


  2. brussel1941 says:

    Thank you David/Hanukah….

    Yes, through the years we have discovered that there was a different way to inform our fellowmen of what lies beyond our human vision.
    It was not easy for us either, as we had our own pettinesses to fight but then leaning our ears and our minds we were able bit by bit to gather some of the information we now gladly offer to those who are willing to listen.

    Of course, we can only say that In the meantime all ideas and feelings we will receive, will surely act as a guides to fulfil essential requirements. May those who have questions ask, and may those who have the knowledge feel free to comment and question.

    Love and Light I send to you and to all those who will read your post.



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