Many moons ago we were under the tuition, you might say, from our guides and helpers, but what we failed to realise at the time was that the lessons were allegorical and geared to our anthropomorphic view of past life, the present and life hereafter, which they (the communicators) imagined was the only average way of understanding.

One thing, however, did come out in a very forceful way, although hidden to begin with, due to our abhorrence of the word, was discipline from one known only as Teacher who had been a SAMURAI Warrior Master and therefore the word ‘discipline’ had been part of his cultural upbringing which he lovingly presented to us.

Having recently read the history of the HOPI and the way their cultural calendar is demarcated, to this day, by ceremonies to mark birth – similar to the Christian baptism – girlhood and boyhood at varying ages, adult hood, marriage and their tolerance of birth out of wedlock and caring of the child, and finally the marking of death in thanksgiving with due reverence and ceremony, timing is all important to the preservation of their way of life.

And all this with again reverence for the fruits of the earth – blue, white and red corn, yucca etc., and their relationship with the earth itself, or herself if you prefer, the Sun and the animal kingdoms including the soaring monarchs of the sky the Eagles and what we in the west would consider the mundane Jack Rabbit.

I began to see how the relevance of timing, when you think how we are all governed by the clock, and how it is in fact missing in a fundamental way from our society. As attendances are falling at churches it occurs that there is a great responsibility on the heads of Popes and Bishops to rewrite their catechisms and books of common prayer and maybe even the Quran, which together with the Bible were constructed by others than the prophets, with a more enlightened appreciation and interpretation of their holy books recognising how men, monks and manipulators of old, under the guise of spreading the holy word, have tried to preserve their power over the people, instead of giving power to the people and teaching them to form and preserve their own connection to their Saint, Prophet or Divinity.

I believe that the greatest lesson that any cleric, mullah, vicar or priest should teach is respect for all of humanity, whatever their chosen path to the Divine.
I believe that there are two main commandments from which all others should follow: “Thou shalt not kill” and, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”.
If indeed any present day prophets could change to this view but are correct in their ideas that we have depleted our planet so much that we should be looking for a second (or is it a third home?) we should not give up and trust that wherever we end up hope that their views will change for the better.

If the river is dry as many have found in our expansion of urban life at the expense of the countryside, with half of the 7 billion of us living in cities, one of our greatest present day teachers commented: “If the river is dry that should not stop (all of) you sparing a glass of water a day in the hope that it will one day run again!”

Lessons come in many ways through different teachers, which can vary from books, through friends, a walk in the woods, films and last but by no means least through HPT (your Highly Precious Time – Meditation). Never stop learning and never give up hope! After all remember that the best way to learn is to teach.
Still learning with Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to THE TEACHER.

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    “…the best way to learn is to teach…”

    An interesting view point that begs more explanation – though the intent is obvious, and I agree with the intent – is there a logic to it, or are the logos subservient to the obvious intent?

    Another post, perhaps – to expound – as you’ve piqued my interest.

    Thank you, David.

    Peace, Eric 🙂


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