We are so fond of telling it the way it is, in all its pain and gory glory, that we fail in our understanding of the need to project how we want it to be and not to complain about the way it is.

Tell me, what is the point of relating those acts that ended in disaster, the recipes that ended on the kitchen floor, the number of times you hit your thumb trying to hang just one picture and left a hole in the wall, the way the bus is always early making you late for work, the damp that keeps rising and the rain that keeps falling on your parade?

Is this all the result of a jealous god trying to make you pay for your indiscretions, your ineptitude in most things and your inability to manage your life as others seem to do?

No! I can tell you certainly not, but what it might be is a reflection of the way you see yourself and the way you relate to your downbeat life as you obviously view it.

Whether you are male or female or neither or both, try being Alice for a while and walk through the looking glass to see things from a completely different angle. It’s not as daft as it sounds it just means that you have accepted the ability to turn through 180º to see things from the other side.

Now having seen your life from this crazy new angle, try telling your stories again. You will be amazed at the way things appear from this opposite direction.
You see whichever god or gods you follow they have little to do with what occurs in your life which is down to you and down here on planet Earth on which we live and the way we project our reality and affect the world around us.

It’s how we project and tell it that matters. If we send out how it is in all its dark and problematic colours that’s what we will get reflected back, shadow after shadow, but if we send out new brilliant beams of rainbow light, the way we want them to be, to change into a new life for ourselves, then that is how it will become and reflect back to us. You see the choice, as always, is ours!

What does that do, not only to you but to your listeners too?
We are all story tellers at heart but some make their mark by the frightening tales they tell. It is the same tale told (As Shakespeare put it, ‘by an idiot…’) in the daily press where only the bad news sells copies. It is a world that has for various reasons turned itself upside down, has reflected in the mirror only the worst and not the most beautiful in the land.

Tell your stories in their most beautiful form in the most positive portrait of the future as you see it, desire it, and want it to be with all your heart. No longer is it a bad, cold and rainy day. It is a day that is cold enough to destroy the viruses and wet enough to water and cleanse the earth to help your food to grow. It is a good day as in fact every day of your life is a good day. It is in fact a blessed day!

My contracting viral meningitis was a blessing for me to be able to wean myself off the addictive drugs that had helped me to cope with reactive depression for four years as I threw the last of those drugs out of the window.

Blessings come in many disguises. Sometimes a seeming unkindness can be the best thing to happen and the one you curse turns out on reflection to be a shining angel hidden in drab clothes.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you say to that reflection?
Is it, ’Oh God I look terrible I must be sick’, or is it ’Hello gorgeous, I love you I really, really love you’. I know how I would want to start my day. How about you?

Whether your story concerns your past, present or future there is no right or wrong way to tell it, but I hope you get the message that what you see in the mirror, how you view what has happened, what is happening and how you want it to happen can change how you are and eventually who you are. For better or for worse, as ever it is entirely up to you. So tell it and believe it the way you want it to be!
Call me Pollyanna or Hanukah what’s in a name if it works?


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2 Responses to TELL IT THE WAY IT IS TO BE.

  1. brussel1941 says:

    As usual Dear Hanukah.. well said. It sounds SOOOO very easy not to be a grouch but rather a ray of sun for those who are listening to our stories.

    You are so right to tell us to look in the mirror with a smile on our face, not a grin.. although that might be all we have after all.
    If we don’t have such a “wonderful” mirror, I do think we should start looking for one.
    It must not be so difficult to find, for even the “bad, very bad” Snow White’s step-mama had found one in her attic that kept saying she was the most beautiful woman in the land.
    Was the genie in the mirror then a liar ? No, he was just a nice genie that saw much light shining where obviously there was very little. I am sure that genie has many fellow genies impatiently waiting for us so they can tell us we too are the most beautiful in the land.
    All coins have two sides and only humans have decided that one side was better than the other. Why ?
    Because we are fickle and like to put things in situations of good and bad while this is certainly not necessary.

    As you so justly point out, the rain can drown or refresh you, the wind can blow away the dark clouds or rearrange (or derange) your new coif, the Sun can burn you or illuminate your path to happiness and no doubt it is in our might to avoid the former and enjoy the latter.
    Let’s all try it now and tell our friends how great the experience is. Good luck !!

    Thank you Hanukah for sharing such great wisdom with us all.
    Very grateful and sending love and light to you and to all those who will read your post.



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