I must love theatres
Yes. But operating theatres?
In two days time is my appointment
When I will once again lie under the bright lights
Surrounded on the hard bed in the hall of knives.
I will not understand much of what is said,
But again I will be aware of all that happens,
As on the last two occasions, with new techniques
Anaesthesia has reached heights not known before.
Unless something unforeseen is found or occurs
I will be conscious of every cut, thrust and stitch.
With angels watching me I should be done in a day
With a clever team, some even speak my tongue,
I have faith that their technique will be effective.
Recovery will be faster than full anaesthetic
And I shall be back on the keyboards in days.
In the meantime my silence is for you to savour
To imagine my impending and successful healing
To even find the value of your own solitude
Not that you may be alone, but take these moments
To listen to the sound of silence, the sound of nature
And give thanks for the sounds of your own rhythms
As I lie in gratitude and joy for all there is, contemplating mine.


About David

Devonian writer
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6 Responses to IMPENDING WHAT?

  1. William Lambert says:

    Hello David- We will be sending you distant healing………….hope all goes smoothly……. my neighbour had a full hysterectomy and was home in 3 days! A-m-a-z-i-n-g ! Sending you Love, Light and Healing Energies, William


  2. brussel1941 says:

    Hi, David…. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us all… it’s never an easy moment when one has to trust the knives people.. but then, you and I have met those in whose hands you have put your faith and we saw that they were gentle.
    I will be waiting for you in the corridor… reading what I can no longer comprehend, for my all spirit will be with you on that table. The minutes will seem like hours and an hour will take the appearance of a all day.
    But then what must, must be done and it had been decided for the best of your health, so there is no turning back anymore.
    I will be there … but also, those , who so kindly watch over us, will hold your hand ( and also guide the hand of the knife man ), no doubt about it.
    I wish tomorrow was already yesterday, for my own sake… I confess…
    “God bless'” as you always end your sentences with …

    Much love and light I wish us all.


    • Thank you beloved Eugene. We are much loved, much blessed and looking in the same direction we see the same tomorrow together, always. May the Lord Logos bless us all. Love, David


  3. cat says:

    Don’t be silent for too long, David … I need your words … eh?


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