‘What’s in a name?’ The great man said, for some it is sufficient to think just of joy, for others happiness and still more of fun and laughter. And we all have our own individual appreciation of the pleasant place we think we need to be, the things we need to possess and the lives we need to live in order to experience joy. Is it not so? And some would even say that happiness cannot be continuous but only fleeting!

So what do we do? We do all in our power to possess that elusive experience. Some believe that the only way is to work, work, work until we amass a great fortune in the belief that it is monetary reward that will bring happiness, not considering the problems that wealth might bring.

At the other extreme, having had enough of the rat race, they downsize, sow their own and settle for the simple life believing that getting back to nature, to our roots is the only way to become detached and to experience joy through simplicity.

It seems to be a common misunderstanding, generated by our ‘work ethic’, that we imagine that everything that we want can only come through effort. Unless we are a sadhu or an itinerant monk we think that all we might make, achieve or attain must come through effort of some kind, and so we struggle through a constant web of self deception to achieve something that through our very effort becomes unattainable.

We have spoken before of the only goal we need concern ourselves with, which is the golden gift of joy. If, for instance, through the effort of downsizing we become unhappy, what was the point? If on the other hand we are ecstatic through work and earning loads of cash, maybe that is what we need to do to achieve our life of Reilly! There is no doubt that life is supposed to be fun. The trouble is that through misguided thoughts of self sacrifice we choose the other path that leads not to joy but feelings of martyrdom and unhappiness.

One of the things that we as a race have been unable to use successfully, and there are very few of us that have in fact achieved it, is the essential attribute of mindfulness. Which may mean different things to different people, but to me conjures the idea of being able to look at my thought processes and to understand what I think and the way that I think it and why.

If we were all able to use this exercise we would be able to understand the deeper thought processes that go on in our minds, and be better able to search for and understand our deeply held beliefs that lead us along, often alternative, pathways that in fact are contrary to the direction our path of joy.

Every belief we hold, which we may not currently be aware of, so deeply hidden is it in our psyche, sets up a vibration that as we know is echoed and reflected and magnified by the universe to produce more of the same. Which is why mindfulness is so important to getting at our own truth. Know thyself!

You may be the most positive minded person on the planet but if your own constantly saying yes to all that comes along, not wishing to sound negative, may in fact set up the wrong message to the world and the universe and of course to yourself in your search for joy. Is that the right path for you?

We all should understand that it is in fact the struggle itself that negates Joy. So what is the answer? Well, it is so simple and maybe it is its own simplicity that slips by our insistence on logical solutions. You see, we must begin to understand that whatever choices and chores we have chosen to accept it is the simple things that make us happy that we need to repeat to amplify and to follow.

In this way with the balance weighing in favour of those things that brings us joy we become full of gratitude, we begin to understand where our emphasis should lie and the right path will open up before us. Can you see that in this way the very essence of our consciousness begins to change its relative exposure from shadows to brightness. I am a great believer that happiness is a state of consciousness!

Struggling to be happy does not work, struggling to be in joy does not work, but finding joy in everything you think and in everything you do is the way for you to become joy. This is the joy that begins the lightening process of the consciousness which after all is why we are here. Are we not the light of the world? How can we be so with our consciousness full of shadows?

We repeat: In short if it does not make you happy then don’t do it!
Remember that the more you have fun, the more you laugh then more of the same is attracted to you and the more you begin to affect others, because your happiness is undoubtedly infectious! In a world where we are all happy doing what we want to do, can you imagine what a change there would be in the world and the way we all live?

Be grateful, be happy, have fun and rejoice with me Hanukah


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4 Responses to JOY

  1. brussel1941 says:

    You are so right … joy is distilled through the filter of our own mindfulness … chores are chores but can become pleasure if we know why we do them ( not because we have to do them ). We have to work to live (nowadays some of us would like to work and can’t even find a job, how “miserable” is that !!) not to live to work, but too often we glide down the dangerous path of career hunting or fortune making.
    Even the “Guru’s” give us advice how to become millionaires … as if that would be THE GOAL per excellence for every human being.
    We have lost our good senses through the centuries and it will take an immense effort to find them back under the dust of our vanity and worries.
    I do believe it would have been a nice start if G-d had said on the very first day of Creation… ” Let there be Eternal Joy “, but then even He did not take into account the frailty of the sons and daughters of Adam.

    Thank you, David, for having made me … think. Let’s start to be .. in JOY.
    Joy, laughter, light and much love I wish you and all the readers of this post.



  2. cat says:

    “…for some it is sufficient to think just of joy, for others happiness and still more of fun and laughter …” This is so true and important to understand if one wants to understand anything at all about people. Again, I’m drinking in your words offered … thank you, friend. Love cat.


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