Being a thousand miles away we don’t get to see each other as much as we would wish, but I have just spent a week of quality time with my family in the UK and with reminiscences and managing to fill in each other’s blanks our relationships are forged anew. After a ten year break, looking forward so much to being closer than a plane ride away once again!

If you are like me and I suspect many are, then there were times in my life through school, college or work when I seemed to have a host of friends. Relationships developed of one sort or another bringing certain facets of our lives closer together for interests, activities and loves, that even allowed us to feel the spurt of growth, of personal evolution and the rising, some would call of the Kundalini within.

But then there comes a time when paths begin to diverge and the strength of relationships that we have forged appears to weaken to the point when we find that the lot has dwindled to the little that we now have in common, and we see less and less of our one time close associates, friends, families or loves.

It has been said by many a master that the time indeed may come when it is the moment to part and of course only you will know when that time arrives. There is nothing wrong with that idea, feeling or belief since this is often the way of our evolution. In order to grow we need to change, sometimes by a little but often with quite a radical shift in consciousness and understanding of the new direction that our steps need to take for our greater good.

At these times we are often left with feelings of sadness at the parting that such break ups needs must entail with questions raised as to whether we are the ones who should have done more to perpetuate the bonds of friendship. In short we tend sometimes, depending on who we are to blame ourselves for something seen as a relationship that should have lasted had we done more, but in fact is the natural consequence of our own necessary development and we must never blame ourselves, for no blame is due.

Friends have dwindled now in numbers, partly due to age and the departure of many to other spheres of life, in part due to movement to others lands and the natural slide in interests that occur as we begin to focus on the prioritised importance as we see it now in later life.

But here’s the thing guys: There is no such thing as a broken relationship for they are forever. Meeting and living and loving together in whatever form are for the very good reason of our personal developments. In fact even some who we see perhaps as those who have been less than kind to us played a very important role in our growth, for rest assured they were there and did what they did for our own good, however difficult that may seem right now to come to grips with.

You may never see acquaintances again in this life. However, look back but also look now and then look forward with gratitude, love and certainty that you were and are on the right path, that all is well and all will be well for you to rejoice in your happiness, knowing that every relationship in the vast realms of your unconscious mind will serve your best interest, your greatest and highest good, never wasted and forever in your memory of the past, present or future throughout eternity.
Eternally yours, Hanukah


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6 Responses to RELATIONSHIPS

  1. joseasanoj says:

    Everyone says, the world has become smaller. Technology has helped everyone to be in touch in ways that were never possible in the past. But the joy of being together in person can’t be given by any technology.


  2. Eric Alagan says:

    I agree. Friendships are wrought and enjoyed. Then the angels leave us when it is time to pass on. Many cling but I reckon what we need to cling to are the memories – as sometimes revisits bring disappointments – sometimes.

    Peace, Eric


    • joseasanoj says:

      I found myself busy on the roads of life, walking an running to reach somewhere, i wanted to stop but I couldn’t, for if i stopped; nobody stopped with me, so i kept going; walking and running on the roads of life.


    • Yes Eric, learning to let go is a difficult one. I shall be on my way to a reunion in June that I anticipate with mixed feelings! Love David


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