It is my fervent wish that respect, respect for each other and all life, return to the most prominent position in our waking consciousness. I say waking consciousness because I believe that it is inherent in our unconscious mind in all of its vast complexity, but we have successfully relegated respect to the far recesses of reason in favour of an existential and inflated ego that is only concerned with the self.

With the return of respect we would come closer to each other because of our diversity and not despite our differences and over time will begin to realise that we are in fact more in harmony than any would have thought possible, in the current climate of conflict that seems to be the uppermost urge at present, you know, ultimatum rather than reconciliation.

Avatars and Sages have told us over the centuries to come closer to God in order to realise our closeness with each other. Today we would speak about coming closer to the Source of All There Is, or our Source Energy since we seem to be leaving God behind, as numbers fall in the attendance figures to churches, in favour of a more scientific view of our origin.

I believe that the closer Science comes to God the closer we will all be to the harmony we seek that we variously call peace. In doing so of course we are admitting war into our waking consciousness and in this way we admit the balance that naturally pervades the Universe and always seeks its fulfilment. It makes me wonder if the Earth will ever be truly at peace without Divine intervention which I believe will never manifest since we are here to create our own world using the free will gift, which again in balance, is our blessing and our curse.

There were times when I thought more about what others thought of me than I considered my own feelings and happiness, and invariably felt denigrated or less than, when my own feelings or opinions did not concur with theirs. As I am sure you have often thought, ‘I wish I could live my life again knowing what I know now!’ However despite the opinions, rantings or objections of others you have more harmony points with everyone on the planet than you have disharmony points.

Imagination has a lot to answer for since most of the time we disallow our natural harmony, closeness and others respect for us to the point where we feel alienated. If only we would allow our natural, mutual harmony, respect and closeness to everyone on the planet we would invoke the powerful Law of Attraction that would immediately start the whole process of magnetisation, of drawing us closer together into a harmonious whole.

There is no doubt though that coming closer in thought word and deed to our concept of the Source and relaxing into that feeling of allowance will inevitably bring us closer together since it is almost like providing the fuel for the Law of Attraction to do its essential work.

If you are still caught in that vortex of dis-allow-ment there is a technique used over the centuries to release yourself from the whipping power that tries to keep you in its spin. Those familiar with hurricanes will know what I’m talking about.
See the other who finds you contrary to his or her own opinions and imagine that they find you in total agreement and that they allow you the freedom of your own thought.

After all it’s not them who are against you but their pattern of thought that through time and other influences creates the vortex in the first place. By you seeing their thoughts and opinions in a new light you will begin to dissipate the constant revolution that is maintaining the vortex, the spin of their perception.

You see imagination acts for you and also for your relationships with others, who in truth are more in harmony with you and everyone else than they think and all that you are doing, by seeing their thoughts in a new light, is providing the bridge to facilitate change. In fact, use your creative power of imagination to see your world as you want it and see your life change as the Law come into action!
(Oh! by the way: Believe what you imagine!)
Love and Harmony, Hanukah
Away for a week with family so you might not hear me for a while.


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2 Responses to HARMONY POINTS

  1. cat says:

    Just returned from (wintery) northern Europe … will continue to read your articles, D … as they are truly soul food … many tears of joy … many good wishes … Love, cat.


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