If indeed you subscribe to an alien intervention or assistance in order to achieve self consciousness, I find it mind boggling that in the same breath those same commentators will not allow the introduction in the past of technologies different or even greater than our own, of which there is now no trace. Of course that last phase is the problem. Not to mention that not having found any physical evidence they say that Atlantis is just a myth. A crystal skull could have come from anywhere I suppose! Unless of course they subscribe them to Aliens and then it’s anyone’s guess. Poor Plato’s story must be seen as the ramblings of a senile old man. What do you guess? Or maybe you know?

Take for instance the recent excavations to the enormous depth of the Easter Island statues, recently excavated to their true height, before being supposedly submerged by some natural event such as a tsunami in the far distant past, which must have had some highly technological help in their creation and erection greater than mere hand tools, and I suspect greater even than the technologies we posses today, 30.03.13! Like so many other wonders scattered over the world.

We are all thinking, fairly logical folks and I believe that it’s not exactly rocket science to follow the repeated pattern of similarities in ancient ruins to assume that there had to be a common source for the similar shapes even though there are slight local differences. Let’s face it a pyramid is a pyramid is a pyramid, whether in Bosnia, Egypt or Mexico and an obelisk is, well, you get the message! Or maybe you don’t as yet? Can you see the obelisk as a power distribution aerial?

Isn’t it just possible that in order to spread a message our ancestors could have travelled the world with the plans for pyramids and power sources, aerials and lifting mechanisms that we are still trying to remember. The fact is that we could remember and some already have, but the powers that hold sway in our world today have successfully hidden those ideas and recalls until they have become occult to the detriment of the planet such that soon, very soon we will have to find somewhere else to plunder for our home and far from remembering we will forget forever the possibilities of free, renewable power sources and distribution.

So what are all these pyramids for? I subscribe to the idea that if anyone was entombed in a pyramid it was probably in error, having forgotten the purpose for the pyramid and their real reason for construction was as a power source and a mode of transport of a kind not even contemplated by the establishment today.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel, at least not under any pyramid to date, but at least a small chink or glimmer of intuition amongst the more enlightened scientific community reinvestigating the work of people like Nicola Tesla and others such that all may still not be lost, so long as the powers do not shoot them all down in order to preserve their own self interested fiscal agendas. We could all look forward to a self sustaining future with free energy for all! Oh of course that’s what worries them – no profit in that then! Let’s keep it in the forefront of our needs wants and desires, and if we all send out the same signals maybe the Universe will get the message that we need to remember too!

If you Google ‘Snake Mount’ you might see what I’m getting at, as you recall your basic physics from school and the importance of aerials, coils and electro magnetism.
Love Hanukah.


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One Response to MIND BOGGLING

  1. brussel1941 says:

    Well said, Dear Hanukah, well said. While enjoying your post my mind wandered through the various books I had read and the stories I was so fond of, and I remembered how often I had been surprised to see how easy it was for us humans to dismiss one story as a myth and accept an other without even questioning its veracity.

    The very risky subject you developed, that of the existence of Atlantis, has had its detractors and its fans, but then so has the Bible !! It is a pity that ONLY (?) Plato had decided to tell us what he “knew” about the land beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Would the story have been more plausible if more authors had mentioned the saga of the Atlanteans in their writings ?

    I often wondered why so very few Mediums have given accounts in their visions about the mysterious realm of Atlantis and the reason of its downfall, but then, one very famous 20th Century seer, Edgar Cayce, gave startling descriptions of the lost continent in his “life readings” .

    Those who believe in Reincarnation will be familiar with the great Clairvoyant and certainly know about his arguments regarding the migration of Souls.
    For the Sleeping Prophet there was no doubt that the souls who once inhabited Atlantis had decided to return, trying to prevent, if possible, an other cataclysmic nuclear explosion which might draw the whole planet Earth into destruction..

    Thank you, Hanukah, for reminding us that there is more under the Earth than what our eyes can see. Keeping an open mind is essential if we want to learn and understand what so often looks incredible at first glance.
    Love and Light may we all share. .


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