In the Purpose of Light we spoke of, the nearest and dearest conclave of co-creators, the Way-showers of the New Way.

Do you ever feel that your life has no purpose? I hope not but maybe like me there were times when you wondered what life was all about. You may have been brought up a Christian and sung in the choir, but there came a time when you wondered if God really existed and you went away from him. Just like me.

In my teens I had those misgivings and like most at that age felt I knew best and could manage on my own, but when I was nineteen I had to leave home travel 250 miles to take up an apprenticeship, go to college and get my engineering qualification.

There were others of like mind, age and ability but I was desperately lonely. And there were people I’d met who believed that God had forsaken them, you know a bit like the story: when a pilgrim saw in his vision that wherever he walked alone there were two sets of footprints, except when we was desperate and needed help and there was only one set of footprints. His own.

He prayed: Lord you have always been with me but why when I needed you most you deserted me? The Lord answered: My son, the days when you saw just one set of footprints were the days when I carried you!

There were times, many times when courage seemed to come from nowhere, the right words would come into my head and I would say the right thing to help others. I know where that help, that intuition and those words came from. I didn’t see footprints but the visions came later.

Nevertheless, not being that confident I’ve often wondered if I was on the right path and that I was following my true purpose. I bet if you are at all a thinking sort of person you probably have too.

It was some time before, as one medium put it, ‘thank heaven you have got over your humility and accepted your healing gift.’ It was another span before I was able to accept that when I felt good I was doing the right thing and on the right path. Conversely when I felt bad I had strayed from the way of my true purpose.

Of course the medium was one of those in my conclave of co-creators who welcomed me and made me feel that I had come home into a new kind of church. I felt good and knew for the first time that I was on the right path and the purpose was laid out like a red carpet before me.

Not inappropriate, at this time of the Conclave of Cardinals assembled in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new Pope, to talk of conclaves, literally meaning confined ‘con clave’ or ‘with a key’ in other words locked in until a decision is reached.

I’m not suggesting that you should be locked up! But in its less restrictive sense being in a group of like minded folks and being able to help others brings a degree of happiness beyond thought of reward that is the best indication that you are leading a Purposeful Life.

Mine was specific, but equally with so many pathways to chose from you could equally be an organic gardener in your own backyard, a legal aid lawyer, or name your own preferred pathway to happiness that is your true way to a Purposeful Life.

There are some I know today who feel that the Lord has deserted them. I cannot prove that He exists or that He does not exist, I just know through my own experience that He is there for me every step of the way, But I can and do pray that they will all come to the realisation that He is there for them too.

Since going to press the New Pope Francis is elected. I pray that his ministry may be purposeful for the sake of all humanity. Love, Hanukah


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3 Responses to The PURPOSEFUL LIFE

  1. So do I David as I read your last paragraph.. Lets hope Pope Francis does more than just Bless the Poor but uses the church to help bring about less suffering for those in need..

    A lovely post, and for most of us when we start out on our spiritual pathway, we often feel lonely.. But I have always known I have purpose, even if at times as to what purpose that is has been baffling… Thank you for sharing your thoughts David….


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