No, no not our cloistered sisters and brothers, but there is no doubt that most of us are creatures of habit which is why the idea of an appointment with yourself each day for HPT hits home with many, so that they become familiar with the process both mentally and physically with the expectation of those few minutes of connection, of mergence in both the mind and the bodily cells.

If you have been following the HPT Series, easily found under the Category of HPT here on Hanukah the Scribe, you will already be familiar with the obvious benefits outlined in the Series, but when we spoke about the fact that the appointment system does not suit all or ceases to be relevant, as in the words of Eugene where his life has become his meditation, you may also find that this constant, conscious understanding is with you now continuously as well. Or with our dear friend Sue whose meditation has become a fantastic conversation!

At this point it is relevant to bring to mind the concept of self healing where you may have employed one of several methods to encourage beneficial change in yourself, which is normally done in like manner to the appointment system of HPT. However, having been asked the question as to how often should healing be given or brought to oneself, you could say: once a week, or once a day or once an hour depending on the circumstances which should themselves decide the frequency. In certain cases of course the actual healing could last for 10 or 20 or even 60 minutes.

But in the case of healing oneself, you may be used to following a regime of prayer at certain times of day or in a certain moment, but let me ask you this: How much more effective do you think it would be if done all of the time? Like Sue’s conversation?

Now apply the same principle to self healing. What if the same correspondence that you construct with the cells of your body that need help were continuous, not concentrating on the problem but on the desired outcome of vibrant health? Can you see the logical conclusion that this continuous concentration and connection would bring?

How do you think your cells which have been crying out, through their own volition for beneficial energies to come their way, would feel? I tell you there would be a celebration that you would feel not just in the area of concern but throughout your whole body. The body does not speak but this change in its vibration brought about by beneficial energetic change brings with it a similar change in the mental condition and if your cells are in a new mood of joyous celebration how will you feel?

Perhaps you can now begin to understand that happiness does not depend on acquisitions, accumulations or the words or actions of others but on simply how you feel inside! With these sorts of positive beneficial changes going on happiness would seem to be the new order of the day. How will that help your health?
This is the kind of win, win victorious circle you need to get into!

However you meditate, however you heal or are healed be happy.
Love Hanukah


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2 Responses to CREATURES of HABIT

  1. brussel1941 says:

    Thank you David/Hanukah for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us all.

    Yes a very long time ago I decided that my all day would be meditation. I am too restless. I realized that when I tried to follow the “normal” meditation recommendations. My spirit needs the movements of my body to relax and get in touch with its higher inner self. Strange ? Certainly ! But are we not all different ?

    What healing and self healing are concerned I have learned how important it is to involved all cells in the procedure. None should be left out for each one is valuable in its own relevance. That is the reason why I always include them all in my thankfulness.

    As I am a very talkative person I conduct “interesting” conversation with my body, and as far as I know this satisfies my Spirit and my Soul as well. We have conferences where each party brings his own little grain of knowledge. It is fun… but of course, I try to keep this a secret for the outside world. Yes, indeed !!

    May Love always be present in your hearts and bright Light illuminate your Spirits.



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