I bet your first reaction will be, ‘OK about what?’
Well strange as it may seem it’s easier than you may think. As we’ve said many a time if you want to get on then plan ahead and as I do plan 95% and do 5%!

It may sound difficult if you are not consciously used to planning anything, and I say consciously because unconsciously you do it all the time. Actually you may be a brilliant planner of others and other things in your life but when it comes to you, how do you measure up? Everything you want to do must involve a plan even getting up out of your chair involves imagining the move and that, believe it or not, is a plan, even just a little one.

I guess we have to come back to the old remedy of positive thinking, you know, thinking about the things you want and desire and not about the fears and possible come backs and obstacles to your desires. You see it would be a bit daft to think of sitting down when you want to get up! You see how easy the opposite can spring into the consciousness and wreck any proposed move as you fall on your face?

Of course there is a great temptation especially when we are looking towards better health only to concentrate on the existing, painful problems that pervade the mind and body.

I know it sounds difficult but you cannot let yourself slip into that mind set. No way José! If you fall into that mode you will negate all of your positive thoughts. For instance you make things a lot worse by talking about your problems and pains of the present and past even to a close circle of concerned compatriots. Don’t do that!

The only person you should make any comment or explanation to is your doctor or healer. If you constantly complain to others all you are doing is not sharing your pain, and perhaps hoping for compassion, but spreading the vibration of aches and discomforts out into the Universe. And what does it respond with? Exactly, more of the same!

Plan where you want to be don’t even think about the Now think about how you want the Future to be. This applies to all the facets of your life including home, job and love life! I know planning sounds difficult but you see it’s all really about how you want things to change, how you want things to be. You don’t need a square and a compass to get on, just the right frame of mind!
Love Hanukah.


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One Response to THINK of a PLAN

  1. Visualising the outcome is something I try to do… I have faith in the power of our thoughts… Many thanks for clicking the like button David.. and for the wonderful email.. 🙂


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