You may ask yourself, ‘what is he talking about?’ Not what you imagined I guess!
Well, it just so happens that in following the many meditations from the Rainbow Medicine Circle under the Golden Light Project, over many months, prompted a long and care full look at the support I was giving to the mechanism that provides the physical manifestation of Spirit to the body. Of course this must take place, in one way, through the nervous system that extends from the software of the mind in the physical brain through the neck to the rest of the physical body.

In Renata’s meditations natural emphasis is placed on the huge Chakra that extends from the roof of the mouth down to the lungs in the form of the Sky Blue Throat Centre, in the centre of the neck, through which our personal expression manifests. If we are at all concerned with our life, how we see ourselves and how we think the worlds sees us there will undoubtedly be a corresponding colour change and in fact a sound change from the organs that are included in that space.

So that if you have the power of vision you may see your own centre pale and your voice may also change. Of course if the reverse change takes place and you become big headed and full of your own importance you may see your beautiful sky blue centre change to almost purple and your voice will take on a new more commanding, even overbearing vibration!

I had been feeling a restriction in my ability to express myself, due mainly to a lack of language, in this area for some time but being a true Taurean and averse to any form of exercise – at least that’s my excuse – it has never been my strong point. However, meditation came to my rescue which is why I place so much emphasis on HPT (Highly Precious Time) form of True Meditation – See HPT Category on this blog. It is a simple truth that the more you use something the better it gets!

And so contrary to my past in this life, I now, together with HPT, exercise morning and evening in a program that suits my present needs with emphasis on main body, feet, hands, eyes and of course the neck. The latter being that most precious of channels of information from the master consciousness to the rest of the corporate body with the many meridians that pass through it!

Use of this simple regime, that takes less than 20 minutes, has already proved beneficial and also a money saver. Whereas in the past I would rely on an analgesic body spray to alleviate pain I find that I no longer need this or indeed any pain killing pills, so the space in the medicine cabinet is reduced and the budget at the Pharmacist halved! How great is that?

It is wonderful how an apparent feeling of lack can be transformed and in the process from feeling unable to communicate I have at last acquiesced to this century and its electronic means, to realise that this medium provides me with a far more far reaching means of communication than I would ever have imagined before, and for that I give all my readers my profound and loving thanks for your readership and sometime comment. I love to hear what you have to say!

Back to Brain Support there are needs in this area such as exercising the brain itself and feeding the brain with nutritious food. Now here’s another thing: We are omnivores, it’s the way we were designed, and whereas some of us have decided that in order to show due respect to the animal kingdom vegetarianism is the way to go, it didn’t work for me.

I went there for a number of years but found there was something lacking. The raw way did not suit either as it was found difficult to digest food in that form, we even went the juicing way for a while. What did suit was the so called Mediterranean diet of fresh fruit and vegetables with a little fish and meat with extra virgin olive oil and a little red wine but cutting down on portion sizes. No king dined better! And the Brain seems to like it too, or should I say the Mind or Spirit, for the feeling of happiness pervades all right now including a much healthier, happier body!

In short although the Brain is important and brain teasers have their place as well, the most important fact is the whole you. It is important for your happiness and well-being that you look after the whole you and that all of your thoughts, ideas and beliefs are attuned to make YOU feel good.

There may be folks in your life who do not deserve your good thoughts, you may consider them to be wrong, bad or even evil but the thing is that although they may not deserve good thoughts it is you that deserves your good thoughts about them. You see the difference? This is how you perpetuate your goodness, your good feeling and your good belief. Allowing your brain this kind of good support is the way to well-being.

I am a bit of a stick in the mud and like our Siamese cat dislike change of things in the home but change happens, and I can only advise that like me you accept the changes that suit you and discard the ones that don’t!

Don’t forget that you are the important one in your Universe and it’s your welfare, your good feeling, beneficial ideas and bountiful beliefs that are the best support that you can give to your brain and your whole being.
Be beautiful, be happy and support yourself in whatever you think and do.
Love Hanukah.


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5 Responses to BRAIN SUPPORT

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Beautiful to remind to support yourself in what you think and do. That’s well said.

    You know it’s amazing, 20 minutes a day, dedicated, is what we so many of us fail to do. It’s really not that hard, you’d think, yet it is… Well done you!

    “acquiesced to this century & its electronic means” – love your style of writing 🙂


  2. aprille says:

    If you need another brain teaser to keep your grey cells up to snuff, try this one:
    25, 6, 3, 3, 7, 50 you can use these y +. -, x or : to reach the target: 712
    Preferably in 30 seconds,
    I tried after I fell and hit my skul very badlyl, and solving this it took me the better part of a week then.
    I used to be really good at these, but now, weeks later, I still can’t do them within the time.

    And of course, our brains are made of fat, lecithin amongst it. I have found that a very low carb diet gives me Alzheimer’s symptoms unless I take glucose/sucrose from time to time.

    As you so eloquently show, we are made up of so many layers, but I still believe nutrition to be the overridingly influential one.


  3. Yes we are the important ones… So its important we look after Self.. especially the Inner Self my good friend 🙂 Lovely read


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