When we feel the power of wind and wave
We realise how small and insignificant we are.
And wonder if there’s more that we should save?
This physical frame that in potential holds so much
Is like a fragile veil withholding from view
The treasure that lies within its fertile folds.
How delicate it seems in the softest breeze
And yet holds inside its softness or muscled hardness,
Hidden from sight, a power that shields its light
That only can be seen by few of its kind in form,
But revels in the vision seen by most in all their glory.
Having placed itself in the body of a new born child
It waits in patient pleasure and anticipation
Holding the equivalent of breath for what transpires,
As each thought and moment are measured, held in store,
Every memory is recalled from future fields of fortune
All pain and passions from past patterns played
As if in some magic mirror of the moulding mind.
When each moment of the young life lived unfolds,
Before the inner sight in the moment of the presence.
Then, as each new cell is born and takes its place
Mind manages and merges with the burgeoning brain
In hope and faith that all purpose will be played
In its true place through pain, passion and Divine plan
Passive pleasure is eternity’s tried and tested way
Not even gentle persuasion is the permitted song
Sung along the corridors of mind that echo blind
To the unforgiving games played by the partners.
They are a law unto themselves and in their merry dance
Pleasure is the only thought that brings reward
No matter how they prance and announce their intent
Or not, according to their open or secret ways of doing,
Often feeling they need answer to none or no one.
In all routines of song and dance it is your call,
You are the master here and you must call the tune.
Bringing all parties into one whole holy gathering
Is your own sacred quest, keeping well the Grail
That if not watched can so easily gathers dust
Forgotten perhaps in its inner casement
But now remembered and certainly revered.
There is an inner plane of joy and happiness
Where three such as you should meet in moments
Of sheer merriment and delight, dancing together
In the light and power of your own Divine Ancestry.
For the child of light that lives within
Is twinned with every other living soul on Earth
Reach out and touch your twin in thought
Connect your inner trinity with theirs
And as they look beyond your welcome smile
To eyes that shine with brightness from within
You are one in the presence of the One.
What joy would spread from links like this?
What would you call this linking? Peace?
The Power of Peace embellished with Love
Is your true way of bringing harmony
To future and past in this present moment.
This creative power is all yours and know
It all happens now if only you will allow it!
With Love, Hanukah
© David Tenneson 2013


About David

Devonian writer
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