I bet you thought we were going to talk about mobile phones or some such modern miracle, well sorry to disappoint but we’re concentrating now on the most amazing technology that was invented way before anything we might term modern. Except that is if you count the fact that every previous life and even the big bang itself, if there ever was such a thing which I am beginning to doubt, are all happening in this moment of NOW!

The thing is that we have within us about on average 60 trillion cells each and all operating according to the most marvellous blueprint working to their purpose with no walk outs, sit-ins or strikes. But there is another overlay on that blueprint which enables us as human beings to achieve our potential or not according to our own ideas, feelings or beliefs and change the blue print to our own design if we so wish.

The potential is of course the need for the Soul to experience a particular life. Now, in order for that to be possible the cells are endowed with the most amazing gift of precognisance. This means that whatever the Soul designed into your life feeds into each and every cell that changes its operation in order to provide the particular physical body with what would provide that life experience. I call these conditions the Soul Set-ups.

But that’s not all, you see on top of that you in the guise of your Spirit, mind and body can decide not to accept those particular protocols and preferences and go for something entirely different. This is the overlay and it’s called changing your mind according to your gift of Free Will!

You see your Spirit mind is the master consciousness of the whole human frame and each cell consciousness has to listen to the new instructions. And what is the mind made up of? Yes, you’ve guessed it: ideas, feelings and best of all beliefs! The master consciousness is the creative life force of the body and each cell must respond.

However each cell is a very delicate mechanism and its intricate technology responds to the way you feel minute by minute. When you are feeling frustrated, guilty or angry your cells are almost in a shutdown mode and there is a weakening of the flow of divine energy that is available to power your creative life force and like all vicious circles you can only feel worse.

But if you are in a peaceful state of mind feeling joy, love and happiness the creative life force flows fully to empower you. Now there is an obvious option here that you must have guessed: You have constantly to monitor your state of mind, your feelings and if you find yourself slipping into moods of mediocrity you must immediately realise that you have to shake yourself out of it and put on that happy face. Not easy? Well, remember all the things you are grateful for, all the things that make you happy and think back to all the things that make you laugh and all the people whose vibes make you feel good. There, doesn’t that feel better?

You know there is one sure way to find out who makes you feel good and who makes you feel worse. When you are down like in a hospital bed, or stuck in bed with the flu you might get some visitors. Some come with nothing but when they’ve gone you feel like a whole new person. Others come with bunches of grapes, magazines and never stop talking. When they wave goodbye you breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the next 24 hours to recover.

So what do you think your cells are doing during these encounters? Do you think they are open or closed?
Exactly! Not that you could do much about it being confined to bed, I hope you get the picture, but maybe there is something you could do: You can go though those same scenarios mentioned above remembering all the good, the joyful and the happy things. In this way you block out the negative energies and even if you don’t respond when they ask how you are they’ll just put it down to you feeling poorly! Good ruse eh?

Now you know which feelings to encourage and which to avoid and what’s more important how to manage them both! The miracle is that all of your cells will respond positively to your master instructions every time. All you have to do is make sure that your feelings and instructions and therefore the power to the cells are all of the correct polarity!

The Divine intention of Well-being and happiness has perhaps a little more relevance when you appreciate the total ramifications of cell technology!
Trained as an engineer I like this. How about you? Love Hanukah


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2 Responses to CELL TECHNOLOGY

  1. I LOVE it David…… Our cells have the ability to correct themselves, and I did a course on Access Body Talk some years ago but only do it upon myself and family now a days..http://www.bodytalksystem.com/learn/access/ showing that our body indeeds knows what is wrong and responds to heal itself if we implement the correct circuitry which also includes our thought process .. 🙂 Blessings Sue


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