We have spoken of light many times but I wonder what it actually means to you? Are you still thinking of the electric light, the street lamp and maybe the LED torch in your Emergency Knapsack? Or maybe even the light from our sun and other stars that shine in the heavens.

Light can be broken down into its constituent frequencies which we see as different colours in our visible spectrum. So now we are talking about the different frequencies that make up the visible but also the invisible spectrum.
Put simply, we often use a candle as the representative of all of the vibrations that pervade our space, interact with our physical, our mental and psychic levels of consciousness, it is a simple symbol used in an uncomplicated ritual but which includes all of the frequencies seen and unseen.

Many of those frequencies are taken up in combination to fulfil the potential of memory, which many believe we are gradually losing not just because we are ageing but because there is a concentrated effort on the part of powers on earth to remove from us our conscious remembrance of times past both individual and also worldly historical records. In short they are looking for new ways to enslave us.

I believe that despite any power on earth there is a concentration of light frequencies that are held in living cells made up of groups of souls that are the history of earth of every soul on earth, of every planet in the universe and every soul that ever inhabited any planet, in a retrievable light format open to the psychic bodies of every soul, if you practice the art of retrieval.

There is a fear that we are becoming a wandering mass of aimless unthinking beings like sheep, down an inevitable path to the destruction of the human race which will become mindless zombies lacking the power of creative thought and memory.

This is not my vision of the human race, we have come a long way from the moment when we let go of our instinctive mind and with consciousness began to see the benefit of perceiving the past and looking forward to the future and this we will not let go of lightly, despite the efforts of those who seek to control us.

The answer to those who live in fear of this annihilation of the human race, as we know it, is to come together in small circles of light. These are already starting to grow from tiny seeds or glimmers of light that meet at speeds beyond imagination on the ether-waves of the Internet or the World Wide Web which let’s face it is the modern equivalent of a web of light. Social Media is fast and effective, so guard it well.

And there are cells, physical cells of light, if I can call them that, springing up all over the world of people following similar signs and fellow feelings, wanting to share their appreciation of light in the form of knowledge and wisdom. They have no name, there is no register of membership, they do not advertise and form a natural community of like minded light beings on Earth with no creed or dogma.

Unfortunately with our limited vocabulary there are no words adequately to describe these sisters and brothers who come together in love and light for common cause seeking nothing in return other than the opportunity to share.
It has been suggested that this is the beginning of the rebirth of Unconditional Love on Earth the birth of the true Kingdom on Earth.

But to me that does not come close to the Light of Divine Purpose that is being exhibited naturally by the new breed of Human Being showing the true Purpose of Light which if you look with vision into the present and the past you will see the Kingdom is already established and these moves are just ways of cementing and perpetuating the Kingdom in a tangible form for the sake of those unknowing at this time.

In the future Way-showers of light may take us beyond the stars but for now I am certain that if you are reading this you will find your way naturally to your nearest and dearest conclave of co-creators, the Way-showers of the New Way where the true Purpose of Light will reveal itself to you.
In Brightness and Love, Hanukah


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