Another in the series of PURPOSE:
It has always been our philosophy to respect the path that others may choose to follow to the divine, as if there were a number of paths to choose from!
Well, I suppose if you look at the path finder as the leader of a particular religion then yes there are a specific number to choose from, but here’s the thing: what if there were no predetermined paths!

I remember a dream I had before a long trip to a part of the country I had never been before and, talk about déjà vu, the following day, having driven 200 miles and reached the venue, I knew which paths to tread and which were dangerous for me. OK so this was a dream, but often we know when we are on the right track, that gut feeling is not to be treated lightly. When you feel it, take notice of it and treat it seriously because that feeling, when you feel good and it feels right is more than likely the right one, whatever it is, for you.

You see when it comes to pathways there are about as many as there are differences of opinion about anything. We are human and we have our own special ways of thinking and feeling and believing and doing things, including following our own individual pathways. You don’t have to agree with anyone else about the way to do things, the way you pray, the way you meditate or the way your concept of the Divine may vary from anyone else’s. You may seek advice from a self professed Guru to begin with but then you must choose your own way.

When you take the trouble to find your own way listen to yourself, look at yourself, love yourself and when you feel good about yourself you can rest assured that you are not only on the right track but that you were guided to be there. Guidance comes in many forms but the one that feels right like a whisper of a gentle voice in your ear is the one to listen to. Boy does that feel good!

And another thing: If something happens in your life that makes you want to change the way you do things or the path you follow, remember that this again is your choice and the change is yours by right exercising your own free will choice gift from the Divine, and you should only feel good about any change you make. As you grow you will feel that need and it is only right that you should make any change that makes you feel better.

You may, as I did, start off with a particular ritual of prayer and meditation but after a while things changed in the physical world, even summer to winter, and it was better and easier to do things differently. Also remember that you are here in the world to live in the world, you know, be in the world but be not of the world. But neither are you supposed to be sitting on a cloud playing a harp to the same tune each and every day.

Live, be alive, play and be happy doing your thing in your own special way, the way that makes you feel good and follow your own path that can change as and when you feel like it!
See you on our path together maybe. Love Hanukah


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