We are born into a life for specific reasons with inherent hopes at Soul level that the life, the country and climate will provide the right potential for the expected growth of the Soul.

At the start of each life we quickly become aware of the climate of ideas and philosophy that our family follows, as we also become aware of the type of weather that our country’s climate conjures for us to experience.

The Soul will look forward to the expected life, but the partnership of body and Spirit could soon decide, when the mind is capable of independent thought, that the ideas and beliefs, which let’s face it are as changeable as the weather, do not suit and as soon as they are able may decide to move to a more acceptable environment.

So it took me until retirement until now, whether prompted by my secretive Soul or the outside influences of physical family, friends and also spiritual family to realise after ten years that the decision was not all it was made out to be to move to this place. There were reasons but they were of a higher nature than I was prepared to admit in the beginning, but can now appreciate. With an original idea of providing a retreat for others it is now patently obvious that the retreat was for us in all of its ramifications.

Now there is a definitive need to move again, to return to a cooler, fresher climate where the mind, Spirit and body can react to the immediate impulses, prompts and needs of others that have been submerged, if not hidden on the back burner in the somnambulant heat of this dry and languid land.

Most of us are drawn to places through the opposite attractions of work or retirement, whatever form they take and not many will consider or look at the deeper meanings behind placement.

Sooner or later the priority of purpose will come into the waking consciousness, if we are at all a thinking human being, especially in moments of relaxation and time to think as in retirement. Twilight seems to be a measure of light level, illumination but also of those in between placid moments of waking consciousness, inserted between deep meditation and an energetic conscious awakening, requiring concentration on practical matters.

Though I have to say that my own priority of purpose has changed a bit like job changes as life has progressed and learning has proceeded, enabling new avenues of thought and connection to change what can only be described as the periphery of purpose. You know, it seemed as if I was on the right track but as the hard outer shell of the egg of purpose, because that’s what it feels like, has come away and left the soft inner levels I realise that in fact I went in and out of my purpose, being diverted away from the truth by outside influences, and now coming back and as I say breaking through the hardness of the apparent truth to the soft centre that I can now accept in all its validity.

It can be a scary journey when you realise that you are actually prepared for something you never thought you could do in all your wildest dreams. Especially when you are told that you have been prepared for the whole of your life to date! This implies that you have been watched, coached, checked and examined at every stage of your development.

On the one hand you become aware that there are certain stages that you have passed with flying colours and others where the strain got you down a bit, but with a little help from your friends, you have come through those difficult bits.
If you are like me there are times when you wonder how on earth you managed it, but rest assured I can verify and believe there is help there when you need it most and the light shines again in your life.

Faith and a listening ear are the requirements of any ardent seeker after truth, and by that I mean personal truth. Our friends are there as and when 24/7 just waiting for your call. God said I will give you what you ask what you have to do is to ask! I would add that you should take the greatest care in making sure that what you ask for is what you really need. In this way you will be sure to stay on course to follow your priority of purpose.
With Love, Hanukah.


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