In every room in our fair place
There shines a grim or pleasant face.
These familiar faces are oft of family
But equally born in icons of history.
Many are of masters or a saintly hue
Some concealed within a veil or two.
There are a few that sculpted stand
And in their 3D form lend a hand,
Bringing inspiration of times past,
That I feel we no longer need, at last!
For all that is required sits within
Whatever task or passionate whim
Consumes the energy of the day
I know we are the ones who pay.
In a moment when time seems lost
Hurry drags like the cobblers last
Why would we, just to see a smile
As in their waiting room we file
When like as not they keep us hung
Like balanced on the ladders rung
Silence is requested in these halls,
Since eyes are vacant at the walls.
We always take our specs and books
Thus avoiding the other’s sorry looks.
And in our contemplation
Not to say our meditation,
We anticipate a happy resolution
For ourselves corporeal restitution.
Sending love and light to others here,
Asking they too find the listening ear.
Therefore we expect a smiling face
And see a quickening of their pace
After all is not all expectation?
Looking for a changed expression,
Would that all faces showed a smile
Expressions are the same ‘cross any style.
But in order for the happiness to show
There must first be feeling from below.
Though faces from above have no form
For us to see, only to listen is the norm
As wisdom pours from embodied voice
We hear reply to a question of choice.
From faces we know to no faces at all
Variety that surrounds at beck and call
Is indeed the wonder of our life of colour
Every shade, darkest black to pale pallor.
What other shades await on their descent
To greet and meet as we finally ascend?
Amazement as at last we see their faces
Somewhere strange or in our own places.
It will be like meeting cousins long lost
In hues of gold and silver faces just
As different as our own. Radiant, fired
With hope and love equally admired.
They have appreciated us for eternity
Visiting, flitting in and out, no enmity,
Just looking to ensure we are evolving
As they watch our world revolving.
Sad they are to see our world depleted
No emotion, their faces dulled, defeated.
For they were praying we would win our test,
Watching as a family and hoping for our best.
Will faces show, this our highest occasion
Find in consciousness our true Ascension?
With Love, Hanukah
© David Tenneson 2013


About David

Devonian writer
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