We have spoken from time to time about looking deep within to find out exactly who we are, what we think and what we believe. It is something that I have to say cannot be repeated enough because as you look within, in crystal clear honesty, what will stand out in stark relief are your true thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs. The last two being the most important since the one leads to the other.

No matter what you find about the direction or the place to which life has taken you, you need to understand that you were born in Grace and you cannot fall out of Grace. What does that mean exactly? Well, imagine that you were born into one of the richest, most powerful families that had instilled in its inherent consciousness the greatest sense of conscience and good will, whose only maxim was to help, heal and do what was necessary for the highest good for all in the world, leaving only trails of peace wherever you go. Call yourself an Essene if you like!

On top of those inherent virtues you also had the greatest gift that could also be called man’s greatest curse: Free Will. In other words you could give up all those centuries old family values, go your own way and create havoc in the world.

Now if you relate the inherent virtues to the gift of grace you may come part way to understanding what grace is all about. So with Free Will you can accept or throw away your grace but in order for you to take full advantage of it you need to accept the gift of grace both intellectually and emotionally. You don’t need to tell anyone else about it but they will soon begin to suspect that there is something exceptional about you by your words and actions.

Some of you may think that I was a bit blunt in saying that Free Will was the greatest gift or curse, but of course it is the supreme gift. Just think what other father, employer, government or organisation of any kind would give you the same leeway to do and say what you please? We have too many rules for that to happen and soon there will be so many that we will all become criminals.

What if we were criminals from the start?
If you were brought up to believe that you were born in original sin you may consider that however you try to redeem yourself you are unworthy of the gift of Grace. Now as we have elaborated in the past whatever you believe is projected out into the physical, it actually forms your body, its health and creates your environment, your world, so you can understand where this kind of belief will lead.

As a being born into a word of duality I have looked deep and hard at the swing of my internal pendulum. Like most I recognise the good me and the bad me! I believed that the pendulum would continue its dualistic swing between all the opposites of happy and sad, positive and negative, left and right, healthy and sick, etc., etc., until the moment when I had managed to balance all of the extremes.

When the pendulum would finally come to rest, according to the laws of Physics the energy would rise up the pendulum to the crown taking with it the energy of the Kundalini. This to me was the beginning of Enlightenment. Although, whether I will get anywhere near a stable pendulum in this life is anyone’s guess. How about you?

Getting back to our title, ‘looking within’ is a journey all of its own and should be a constant like taking the same route to work each day. However, as you know that journey always has hidden secrets that reveal themselves to the ardent searcher maybe not every day but there will undoubtedly be moments when things come into your waking consciousness that you never saw before.

Having been through the scary scenarios of panic attacks and reactive depression I always try to make sure that all my boxes are closed and secure, you know, not ready to spring open until I am ready to deal with each one in turn.

But on your inner journey the fascinating thing is that you will come across hidden corners that hide, in their shadows, little gems of thought or belief that are just not valid or true for you anymore. Maybe you just forgot about them but they were still lurking there. It’s these that need to be exposed and if necessary discarded in favour of more relevant and current truths for you.

They may even be ideas put there from a very early age by your parents, carers or teachers but just not right for you today. Whatever you do please do not feel guilty about discarding old and out of date data, dicta and dogma. It’s your life and you need to live it as you want and believe it to make you happy.

These dodgy data may, if you are like me, be the misunderstandings of a child’s mind that have stayed with me ever since. This is a journey where no half measures will do, you have to be totally honest and also ruthless in making sure that there is no mind limiting luggage left behind. And don’t forget that it’s your baggage you need to deal with so don’t carry anyone else’s either!
Happy journey, Hanukah


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