Did you ever imagine the Holy Grail
Was within every day sight, be it so pale
That there was no need to search, to look,
Following every reference in many a book?
Ruining eyesight through midnight sup
Trying to find a chalice, bowl or cup:
What kind of receptacle was strong enough
To hold such holy treasure secure to rebuff.
Is there one in the land, perhaps a Priory
Or even one so strong as an Opus Dei?
Or was it just the one. A symbol carried
Perhaps one body entrusted with a seed?
And yet if still in plain sight for all to see
How could that in all possibility be?
Perhaps it could be a descendant, maybe?
Though I guess not, for you, nor for me!
Could you be the one filled with grace who
Walks about the streets of London too?
But weren’t we all born with that gift of grace
All therefore have this present in its place?
Where would yours be kept so secure,
Safer than life! In the heart of the Pure?
For in death it returns to its passing place
Be assured there is no ramble or race.
Its beginning in the source is immediate
As it’s end in the source and its affiliate.

So where is it kept?
Maybe I hardly slept.
I know I must have dreamt
It’s there in every leap I’ve leapt
Looking so hard and for so long
Yet here it is inside, all along.
Ring the bells and play the gong
Look within and sing your song.
It’s you, it’s me it’s all of us. Be calm!
No matter what prayer or hymn or psalm.

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist
Whatever faith is now professed,
Cloistered monk my brother,
Veiled, penitent my silent sister
We are all one in gifted grace
No matter the look upon the face.
We hold it secure while we are here
We call its name and then we’ll hear
The music of its voice giving us direction
We call and hear in daily meditation.
The Grail is here with us inside
And as we’re walking side by side
We can feel a sympathetic vibration
That echoes back and forth in elation.
Feel the tingle and express your joy
Whether Man or Woman, Girl or Boy,
Know that you are each the Grail
In all you say or do you cannot fail.
Know that you are gifted, full of grace
In knowing, keep the smile upon your face.
To each and every Blessed One, Love, Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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6 Responses to GRAILS of GRACE

  1. cat says:

    Thank you, David … I can feel the truth in your words … believing is something that I might not master ever … but know that your articles always bring a sense of gladness into my heart … Blessed be, friend.


  2. Wonderful words full of wisdom… 🙂


  3. Eric Alagan says:

    Hello David – very generous and noble sentiments – Humankind as the bearer of the Holy Grail – bearing within us all with each thought, word and action that brings us closer to God (whatever our definition of the Omnipresent One).

    Peace Bro, Eric


  4. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you, David .. That was … just wonderful !!!
    We are all the bearers of the Holy Grail. No one has been left out… but those who think they are not blessed only ignore the great Gift we all carry.

    Blessed are we.



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