It may sound as if we are yet again in the void before the beginning, but no, what I mean is the void that it seems many have perhaps unwittingly placed us in, with their jargon and experience that leaves more questions than gives answers. Yes, it’s the one we all pass through: The void of unknowing.

At the end of 2011 a friend asked if DMT in the form of Ayahuasca was the way to go in her search for her expansion of consciousness in the quest to find the answer to the meaning of life. We understood that it was not necessary but could be useful if you believed in it. Recently there have been others who have recounted their experiences with various Shamanic plant aids and I believe the following may bring further enlightenment to the question:

Bringing to mind a yearlong help that I was able to give to a young man severely affected by the club drug scene in his role as a successful disc jockey, whose doctors could only prescribe the very drugs that had taken him into his own scary oblivion that turned into nightmares:

When the mind is under such influence which can easily move from exhilaration to nightmare quality, the conscious mind is robbed of its power to reason which brings into question, amidst many other questions, the very reason for being in a body of flesh. It is our quest to experience all that the conscious mind has to offer without being sinned against, insulted or overcome by chemical invasion.

As I say the drugged mind experience can bring more questions than it gives answers and is not the quick fix to enlightenment that many are led to believe possible by the experience of those who have used this method for centuries as part of their spiritual heritage, and is therefore part of their inbred culture.

I believe that the conscious control of the mind is the only way forward to ascend through the void of the Ascension process, which like its cousin of conscious enlightenment leads one not to a full stop, but to layer upon layer of spiritual experience through the only true and valid method of expansion of the consciousness, through the HPT process. (See HPT Category)

Internal work is the only way. If you relate purely to a physical form and think that you need help to enter the mental realm then you limit your opportunity from the start. On the other hand if you see yourself as your only true self being in a mental state or under the influence of DMT, Ayahuasca or magic mushroom then you deny yourself the conscious physical existence, and could feel like a floating spirit divorced from your body.

But if you are aware that the experience of a physical life for a lifetime, then that another existence in a different conscious form follows, you allow yourself the complete conscious possibility of growth and expansion for the Soul, throughout all planes of existence, giving you the chance, consciously to manage all forms of life through the many levels of Ascension.

In our practice of conscience we need constantly to be aware of the need to judge, with the greatest care, the offers of therapies of whatever kind that can lead, at the very least, to a mistrust of the self or conversely to a bolstering of the self and an empowering of the spirit, giving us the mental strength to pursue the proper path.

As usual in exercising our free gift the choice is ours, but not blindly to follow these or any other words, but with the care associated perhaps, with the knowledge that we pass this way just once and that this is our only chance!
With that in mind we would maybe make a wise decision, but with the wisdom held securely within its own record that we have already trodden these paths many times, and will likely with the Logos Love return and return and return until no cogitation is necessary, no dictum to decide upon for we will be then not only Masters in name but also in fact!

Choices are then of a different kind: when learning to manage oneself leads to helping others to learn, and when the Soul reaches that apex of worldly acclaim would not claim for itself but be called Arisen by others left behind and in need. When we spoke of reaching forward with your staff to give you support but not forgetting to reach behind to help others struggling on the path, this is the hand held behind, not on the steep path but from dimension to dimension.

This is your future and it behoves us all to learn all we can in order to help those who attempt these same journeys through the void. Are you up to the task? Maybe you thought you were a teacher now, but how much have you really learned of life both here and in the hereafter, what can you advise without recourse to dictionary, textbook or manual?

Some have even told me that they no longer read as they have been there, bought the T shirt and got the degree. The only degree that I have any faith in is the one from the ULH the University of Life and Hereafter of which I know only one holder here and several in the next world. You may be blessed with many letters and call yourself Doctor but your true teachers are within. Don’t forget them. They are there when you call, every step of the sometimes difficult and diverse path that, and don’t forget again, you in your higher state have chosen to tread in this life.

Learning never ends, whether you know it or not, and your greatest teacher is you when you find your resource within, contain your humility and gain the courage to teach.

I was awarded letters to list after my name but always shunned them, knowing from a quite early age that there were other more important lessons still to learn and to teach, and I search continuously for those precious moments when I am able to help others who are perhaps stumbling through the same clouds of confusion that I went through.

As above and so below, it is imperative to understand the nature of this time of discernment. Not to judge others but to judge ourselves and whether the opportunities offered are right for us in the moments of choice that seem to come so quickly upon us as we speak.
Choose with care and Love, Hanukah the Scribe


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  1. Your last paragraph says it all David… much love also sent your way my friend


  2. cat says:

    Reading your posts is always precious to me …


  3. William Lambert says:

    Hi David – blind spot – vot meenz DMT? L&L, William


    • davidtenn says:

      DMT= Dimethyltriptamine a naturally ocurring psycadelic compound that also occurs in the pineal. Many have tried it to try to produce expanded consciousness.


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