We have spoken of Conscience, you know, that pre-emptive, niggling little thing that lets us know when we are contemplating doing something which we know in our heart of hearts is wrong. Funny isn’t it how we still think of abstract emotions etc., as being in the head or the heart, we talk of emotion being centred in the heart, love is all about the heart, logic is calculated in the left side of the brain and all the intuitional stuff is catered for on the right side of the head.

Makes you wonder if we are only using 10% of the brain then what we think about, what we feel and believe could be tucked away in a little corner of the cortex and the rest could just play games all day and of course all night in the dream state. If only it were that simple!

Then the dream state which to many is a field where night-mares canter and nothing else, but in truth could be the testing ground or prompting platform from which our waking conscious mind is given the kick up the pants to get its act in order when faced with something horrendous from the sleep state which could promote a necessary and remedial course of action when conscious.

But hang on! Whichever of those centres that you believe in and for whatever purpose, it could of course be something as simple as becoming aware of the influence of others seen so far as the right thing to do, but on waking with true understanding, that this is totally the wrong way to go.

So many of us are brought up to believe that we have one set of rules by which to live and that’s how it must stay. If that were so then we would all be incapable of becoming any better than we are, we would be unable to change our minds, the most powerful tool in our internal arsenal, and like so many I meet, remain static and often boring human beings.

Let’s face it if the Universe were perfect there would be no point in expansion. Perfection is a much maligned and misused concept for in the cosmic sense it cannot exist. It certainly does not allow for the constant state of becoming to which every aspect of creation must subscribe, including you.

Ascension for instance is seen as a level by many whereas it is, like enlightenment, merely a recognition or understanding of the potential of this moment in cosmic consciousness that allows us to go beyond our current thinking, as Kirk said, ‘to go beyond where no man has gone before’. And you must know that that is not as daft or as frivolous as it sounds.

Here are some thoughts to ponder:
Why do you think Star trek and others came at that time?
What did that series provoke in the minds of so many of us?
How do you now see other beings in the Universe?
Where is NASA now?

Before we start trying to find somewhere else to live or putting the world to rights for that matter, there is so much within that needs recognising and understanding. What do you believe that really is nonsense, and I’m not thinking here of UFOs or the age of the Earth or whether miracles happen. I’m thinking about you! About you and how you really feel, how you conform to the words of others instead of living and believing in your own experience?

Do you do what you do because you are told to, or because it keeps you happy and it works for you. Do you do stuff because it gives you pain, tires you out and makes you irritable with others, or because it keeps you healthy and joyful. In short what is your truth? If you do things that you know are not right for you then you know what you must do. And by the bye, in that mind set, think what you attract!

Now promise: we are now on dangerous ground. It’s easy to make a promise when you think you can keep it or cannot in that moment see the possible complications, but what if something does go wrong and it becomes impossible for you to get anywhere near your promise. How does that make you feel and how does it make the one you promised feel? And that one could be Earth bound or elsewhere in the universe. You get the point?

Remembering that every vibration that we generate from our feelings, that acts like a magnet with the Law of Attraction pulling towards you more of the same, where does that leave you? Exactly, possible and crudely, in the pooh!

If anyone tries to force you into making a promise, better, far better to say that you will try your best to do as they ask. Then if you fail, you know that you gave it your best shot, and if you manage to perform you will no doubt receive the accolade or at the very least you will feel good and hopefully happy.

There is a problem with all three of our titles in that we can be persuaded again and again that something is true which is in fact false, but said so often and reviewed by you many times and each time it comes up as true and people make promises that are impossible to keep but we still believe that they will do as they say, especially politicians. You will be tempted also to subject your own ideas of truth and falsehood to question in case you have assumed too much and given yourself the lie that could be false or true for you.

This is a deeper subject than its title may have suggested for in order to find your own truth you must take time and be prepared to look deeply within yourself to examine your own feelings which will lead to your real beliefs and direct you in the long run to make those hard choices.

One of the ways of doing this is to stand back, see your Self in the broader picture, and look carefully to see who and what you really are. Seems a bit of a dichotomy I know to look deeply and stand back at the same time but believe me it is not only possible, but to my mind the only way to find out your own real truth. There’s a lot to be said for seeing yourself as others see you!

These hard decisions however give you the power to change. This change will take you back in time before your mind, your spirit was affected, polluted and unconsciously influenced by others, taking you back to true Conscience. This is all part of the growth process of consciousness that will enable you to get your own internal facts right, leading you forward to the next opportunity of Ascension.

As you look within leave your rose tinted spectacles in their corroding case and try to see things as they really are. Love, Hanukah


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