Seasons of the Earth are cycles developed from birth.
Through spinning vortices of gas, mass and magnificent
There amassed a congealing, single and superior continent,
Surrounded by a boiling sea that cooled and created
The cycles of sister systems in the universe reflected.
And like so many found itself still molten centred
With a floating crust that became finely fractured.
In orbed orbit and spaced right from its warming sun
A pattern of creative existence had already begun.
Viewed from another star located in outer space
It was the perfect place, their ailing plane to replace.
Just right for a new home as theirs was about to expire
Those who brought us their conscious gift, then to retire.
Cycles and seasons enjoyed as did their company
They were our Lords of the Sky, with their ability
To fly, to dive beneath the sea in chariots of fire.
They gave so much, but birthed in us just jealousy and ire
So much that we believed we were equal to our gods
And tried to rule, but only wrongly rearranged the rods.
We were young and got the explosive formula inverted
The fine fractures split and continents were parted.
The lesson was not learned and we have since employed
The same pattern, with each conquest of lands deployed.
After subjugation given secrets and expected the high élan
Only to repeat the same mistakes causing chaos in the land.
As even now they imagine the atom theirs to boss,
Any minute now we could be sacrificed on their cross.
A cross not of creation, but one we know of devastation
Only concerning themselves with their own exultation.
They have no concern for the Earth or of mankind
Even their own people are slaves to their ego mind.
This is not one but many lands of whom we speak
And hope that each having reached such a dizzy peak
Will fall back down to the level of simplicity
Where natural conscience will reign in majesty.
Is it too late to find in every heart and mind a space
Where empathy, love and peace will circle apace?
As we enjoy the beauty of our own earthly seasons
With each change let there be peace in frissons,
As we wonder in the changing colours of creation
Let us leave trails of glory for the next generation.
In hope, Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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5 Responses to SEASONS and CYCLES

  1. cat says:

    Your article reminds me of a song from way back when … by Elton John, I think … It goes something like this: “If there’s a god in heaven, what is he waiting for? If he can’t hear the children why can’t he hear the war?”


    • davidtenn says:

      Oh He hears it, He knows it but He will not interfere with the gift He gave us, as He knows the conclusion it will reach. Why would you expect Him to cover our mistakes? Love David


    • davidtenn says:

      Hi Cat, Oh He hears it, He hears them, He knows it all, but He will not interfere with the gift He gave us. Why would you expect Him to cover our own mistakes? Love David


  2. absolutely wonderful verse…. 🙂
    Love and Peace ~Sue


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