Our beloved scientists, whom some of us still insist on revering as gods, equally still imagine that consciousness is something that we have inherited like a trait or as if it’s a thing like a mole or a birthmark. Many believe that the prime enabler, the Soul, in its passive place, is a static thing and should therefore be quantified, measured and weighed, and the attribute that provides the means by which we manage life, the consciousness which can be called spirit or mind, whose purpose is to do the managing, exists somewhere else other than within the self that needs to live, be conscious of and manage life itself.

Truth is that this ‘amazing grace’ because that is what it surely is, since we were born with it, we are blest with this divine blessing which grows as we grow along with the mind, spirit and body, and incidentally as I have said before we cannot lose! As inferred above, it would also be true to say that consciousness is synonymous with mind and spirit as they grow together with the body, but when the body reaches its peak, with any luck mind, spirit and consciousness carry on growing and expanding.

Our thoughts, which are manifestations of our beliefs, direct the body’s expression and it can be for health or for illness. So as with anything the energy, which in this case emanates from the Soul, can be utilised or directed to good or ill effect. If you refute the idea that you could cause an ill effect within yourself by design, think again – I have personal experience of the ideas of a child wrongly feeling it had been deserted causing ill effects to ensure care and concern from others, because I was that child.

You see the processes of the mind/spirit have direct communication with the cells of the body. It is an intimate relationship, therefore as you think and believe so you become physically. If you, as I did as a child cause a muscular spasm that provoked a far more serious condition that nearly cost me my life, the cells that were killed off to allow that condition to manifest, even if understood, may take up to the rest of a life to reinvigorate and replace to restore health and even now remain voided to some extent within me still.

Belief is everything and there is no doubt in my mind that it is those who have faith, with no barriers, who respond best to the healer’s touch the sacred waters or to prayer. When you know that of the hundreds of thousands of faithful who visit just Lourdes every year there are only 65 cases of healings that have ever been authenticated!

This is not to cast doubt over any gifted healers or the visions of the few, but just to emphasise that there are more energies at work in the minds of those who manifest illness, disease, or debilitation. Some will even, in the euphoria following healing, appear to recover only to suffer a relapse later, because at the loss of their condition will suffer the energy of disallowance that is akin to grief at the loss of something that has been a part of them for some considerable time.

Often a healer’s life is not just a question of accepting the gift, as in my case of overcoming my humility – as it was put to me – learning about the gift and the body for a period of years, passing exams, learning to keep records etc., and being proved effective with patients, now termed clients, but to realise that healing for just one client can be an unconditional and extended period of dedication just to overcome the client’s own internal barriers and to give time for the recovery and re-multiplication of the cells that just could not happen overnight.
I am sure as a healer you are conscious of and prepared for this.
May you be blessed in your healing ministry. Love, Hanukah


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  1. A lovely message as a ‘ Spiritual-Healer’ hands on myself for many years I relate to much of this post.. Thank you for sharing
    Blessings Sue


    • davidtenn says:

      Hi Sue, Like you some years hands on but now for me at greater than arms length but hopefully as effective. Love, Hanukah


      • Yes the same here David, I remember you saying I heal also more via the ether of Thought these days, as I gave up healing in the Spiritualist Centre, but went down the route of Healer and practised it for 12 yrs…. with some wonderful stories along the way….. But Healing has to come from within and no amount of hands one will enable those who in reality do not have that faith to allow themselves to heal… For many want to wallow …. unfortunately…….
        Take care
        Sue xox


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