You are angry with your neighbour because he allows his hedge to grow so high that it takes all the sun from your garden and nothing except ferns and ivy will grow. So rather than poisoning his plants and incurring real wrath, and since a face to face has resulted in his ignoring your plea, what do you do?

You have a crop that has matured faster than the farmer next door and you are ready to harvest and with the weather set fair you prepare and grease up the combine harvester. The man next door however could do with more rain to swell his grain to the right quality. You are on good terms but you both feel helpless as it seems like someone is going to lose.

These conundrums of conflict although not skirmishes, battles or full out wars are problems that we humans scratch our heads over, and often can see no way out for a conclusion that will satisfy all parties in these brief, and other similar scenarios, outlined above.

Some communities will ask the Shaman and others will try prayer, and it depends on the community as to what they will pray for. As we have said many times you have to be careful what you pray for as you will get what you ask for.

Too often we humans try to get involved in the nitty-gritty of situations trying to find the solutions ourselves and in doing so we bias the remedy instead of leaving the Well-being of all of us to the care of the Universe that is more than capable of satisfying the needs of everyone, according to their highest good.

The thing is that in our own cogitations and logical conclusions to conflicts, and perhaps at best only seeing compromises, we cannot see beyond what to us seems like the impossible. So just a hint here: when it seems impossible then there is only one other course and that is possible. You see, our idea of possible just lies in the alternative view and when that happens we tend to think miracle! And why not.

I have the distinct feeling that if we were more in tune with each other and with nature, and understanding the overriding influence of the universe, our lives would be so much easier and happier. Unfortunately we tend to leave that side of life to the mystics who have nothing to do with real life you understand!

But when we are really up against it we do, like those sensible communities, try prayer or like having a deadly illness we will consult a healer, you know, after everything else has failed and we’ve been told we only have weeks to live. Yes, exactly, what chance do you give the healer, the universe or God in that case?

So back to the neighbour, what do you pray for? If you pray for your neighbour’s trees to die the Universe cannot respect his or her side of life so that will not work and more of your own stuff my die in the shade in the meantime!

Try praying for whatever you really want in whatever situation, and in this case how about praying for sunshine. When it comes to the farmers they should both pray for a successful harvest. And as for the one given a short time to live how about going to a healer the same day as you go to the doctor when you first feel fragile?

Ascension is all about coming to grips with LIFE! Everyone, every entity, every universe is only interested in Well-being and living life to the full. When I said before that Ascension was all about the physical side of life it was true, but also with the joining together of all aspects of this life in one blended harmony.

In our physical existence we have successfully obliterated from our consciousness the aspects of the universal, psychic and spiritual spheres of our so called sophisticated lifestyles. We need to bring them all together and recognise their individual and joint, and here I have to use that wonderful word again, yes, miraculous importance.
Can you do that? Of course you can. It just takes a bit of practice and where better than in your HPT or a walk in the woods.
Love, Hanukah
PS. A gentle ‘au revoir’ to the Angel who may not be obvious to you but will remain in the background with us.


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