How many friends do you have?
You may have called them Partners in the past,
But now seem to have drifted into the clouds of time
No longer in contact, no longer with similar views.
But these are the human forms, the ones we relate to
On our daily journeys, working ways and playing plays.
Jobs change, partners part, wars drive each other apart.
As did my poor own forcibly un-partnered parents
Driven by the ways of war not only separate ideas
But separated by oceans, fears and continents.
But partnerships never end.
You may think that you’ve been driven away
And will never see each other again,
And certainly in this world that may be true.
And in your waking conscious state what else could be,
But there are other avenues of cause and connection
Avenues which are never closed and ever open.
Throughout this life many are fortunate to know
Those unaccountable moments, when through all the odds
The hand of fate reached down and helped to lift you up.
Did you pass it off as just mere chance or synchronicity
Or did you give it some credence and recognise its veracity?
There were moments when such occasions did occur
And I was amazed that strength was found to turn around
Against all odds and flip the course of life in my favour
When all had seemed squandered and all but lost.
I say the hand of fate but in truth I now know the others
Waiting patiently by my side in case I should fall
Helping to guide me reaching out at the right moment
Lucky? Not a bit of it. That’s the way it is for you too.
Stop rushing around, be still and realise who is there.
Next time you get in a lift on your own it will be full!
You’ll see!
© David Tenneson 2013
With Love, Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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4 Responses to PARTNERS

  1. Yes our connections to those who come and go in our lives are never lost. For they came and contributed to our lives as we gave to theirs… Knowing that each person we meet in our lives is a gift, even if at times those people can leave painful memories.. We have to see that within that pain was a lesson to be learned and to grow from…
    Its not always easy to those who hold bitterness to those partners who have come and gone… But your words are wise. For we find strength from every encounter……

    Wishing you well David……
    Blessings Sue xox


  2. cat says:

    Moved to Canada 30 years ago … still have 5 good friends in Europe … we are like sisters, because we speak the same language. I have 3 canadian friends, but I know I will never truly belong.


    • davidtenn says:

      Well dear Cat this happens a lot especially if a previous life is still strong and draws you back to that time and place.
      Eugene comes across this in his readings sometimes. Love David


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