What is Ascension all about?
Is it about the expansion of human consciousness, which let’s face it can only be utilised to the point where we as humans are prepared or able to go, or is it about something more than that? Understanding that consciousness is multidimensional it surely has to be. But as I say whether we can take full advantage of it is another matter. First of all I think we need to wake up!

Many talk about the expansion of the consciousness of the Earth itself which until recently I myself have lovingly referred to as ME or Mother Earth. But in truth is certainly the most beautiful planet in the cosmos of our experience but just that. And so much that happens on or in or above the planet is part of its natural cycle of universal events, and not the acts of a vengeful God, a demonic entity or a Global Soul writhing in the agony of man’s ingratitude.

Nevertheless we continue to refer to our planet using the stuck similitudes of anthropomorphic symbolism that we seem unable to divorce from. It is mostly as a result of the horrendous and unthinking actions of the human race that the planet finds itself in its present state and why we are actively house hunting back in Devon, while the rest of the human race is seriously seeking for a domicile on the inside and outside of our Solar System as we speak.

The horrendous slaughter of the elephants in Africa to satisfy the outrageous wants and desire of the Nouveau Riche in countries such as China and Thailand and elsewhere, where ivory is seen as a sign of wealth and social standing, is only matched by the ignorance of those who believe that tusks grow back and that rhinoceros horn has any property outside of the erroneous beliefs of the masses who cannot or will not find their own happiness in desire!

Sadly, despite the laudable efforts of conservationists around the globe we as a race have already sealed the fate of many species indigenous to our beautiful home planet. Whatever we do sends out the signal, the vibration that is matched by the Law of Attraction, and when we kill for food it is recognised as such and allowed as our need to stay alive, but when we slaughter for sport, sexual satisfaction or self aggrandisement the fate of the slaughtered is sealed and will, despite our best efforts, diminish until extinct. They have received the message and are already on their way towards the exit!

Even those humans steeped in superstition who believe that an ape’s bodily parts or a rhino’s horn could possible enhance their life or those who are willing to sacrifice a whole beautiful shark just for its fin to make soup surely are literally on the cutting edge of extinction themselves for they will truly reap what they sow.

It is strange what we forget and even stranger what we selectively remember from the times before written record when, to eat the bodily parts of one’s enemy, overcome and killed in battle, could possibly enhance one’s own abilities!

And now? Well, we have gone beyond cannibalism and just eat the ‘lesser’ mortals instead. Sadly, however much we teach, it is the entrenched belief of the masses that will determine and promulgate these dreadful acts of slaughter that will in a very short time produce the plague that will give birth to a barren waste, to replace the many beautiful species that we are blest with on this planetary place spiralling its way through space, the most beautiful planet in the cosmos that we are slowly but surely depleting of all that it possessed.
God help us!

Do you really think that we as a race are anywhere near Ascending to anywhere? If you are banking on a Tower of Babel, Ladder of Jacob or modern day Shard you can forget it! So much emphasis is placed on the Semi-Spiritual, Multidimensional Method of soaring out of the detritus we ourselves have created, I have to tell you that a total reappraisal is required where we need to get back down to basics and by that I mean getting your hands dirty again.
The greatest emphasis needed for Ascension is Physical! There was a saying used in the last War “Dig for Victory” and it applies very well right now.

Start with your own health. Stop buying mass made menus that masquerade as nutrition and if you can’t buy then begin to grow your own. It’s better, more nutritious, pest and chemical free if you have any sense. You will spend less time pestering the doctor with your imagined ailments and your whole family will be able to get on with the job of Living with a capital ‘L’.

You won’t have to spend a fortune at the local club or gym because you won’t have to exercise. You will get all the exercise you need growing your own, and if you get down to basics you won’t have to worry about Ascension it will just happen, before we are all extinct?
Hope springs eternally, with Love, Hanukah


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to EXTINCTION

  1. cat says:

    I’m drinking your words, D … more than ever … and I thank you …


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Bravo, David … for such audacious slap on our bottoms.
    Yes, we need to wake up and… understand what LIFE is all about. Too often we, humans, still live in the dark ages… we pretend to be in the 21st century but our actions show that we have not evolved .. yet ?
    We create gods where only nature is supposed to be cared for. We say we love animals but add immediately that we are “dog or cat people”. What do we mean by that..? Do we love one species more than the other ? Does the elephant have less importance than our little Pussycat or Fido dog ?
    Nature is all of it, not just part of it and it is high time to leave all our prejudices and superstitions behind IF we still want this planet to survive for a while.!!
    It is very clear that those who “know” are already preparing themselves to leave the blue planet. Of course they do not want to sow panic among the “common people” , and give them wars, revolutions, crimes and other niceties to worry about for a while.
    They will even offer ” Bread and Games” to the plebs hoping to appease its agitation, but if that does not occupy them long enough, they will find imaginary enemies to throw at their mercy.
    Nothing new under the sun. History repeats itself and too many of us follow as bleating sheep, for, why should I have to think if others can make up MY mind ?.. Also if it is printed then it must be right !!!.
    Let us use our common sense and try to be circumspect, let us examine the beam in our own eye before we cast the stones others have put in our hands.
    Yes, this blue planet is beautiful and has served us well for billions of years now; let us care for it, even if scientists and doom prophets claim it is beyond repair.
    Ascension days are here for all of us and no one should miss the train to Glory if he or she can help it.
    Let’s hope we will help each other to get going and climb the Mountain hand in hand.

    With love and light to you, David, and to all those who will read your post.


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