Knowledge is one thing, wisdom un-dummed
One needs no knowledge drummed
Into the fertile mind from text books,
Black or whiteboards, frequent looks
To understand the laws of nature
The universe and man to be mature.
Education is essential for any calling
And yet, there are those with no schooling
Who exhibit an inherent wisdom, no fears
Often far beyond their youthful years.
Those who through no fault or hint
Stopped their learning as it did not fit
The circumstances of their strain and strife.
The University of Life was all required in life
And needed to pursue this given way.
How did they know the moment, which day
When it came, that this was theirs,
Their perfect purpose, divine heirs?
Teachers are aplenty in this world
Finding the one is a choice unfurled.
From many a reference book or list
Difficult to select and easily missed.
Though standing in your company
Is the right one or more than many
If you will only allow the link
The chalice of wisdom to drink
Your fill and never see it empty.
Dedicated to your highest empathy
Those who find it without thought
Are often untrained and untaught
But naturally receive and imbibe
The elixir of life which most deride.
Going their own way without a care
For others with whom we should share.
Following natural wisdom would lead us
Into direct relationship with our purpose
To share and care for those other lords
Of our cousinly kingdoms in these worlds.
Sharing this mobile world that would
All animal, insect, plant and wood
Enjoy the bounty of the wise.
How wise, how wise to recognise
That the Kingdom is here and all around
All that is needed, without waste, abounds.
Without change, manipulation or greed
We can wisely work, irrigate and feed
All sisters, brothers, cousins on the Earth.
There would be no famine, no lack or dearth.
Is there a chance for us to recover our loss,
The lost heritage we have cast away as dross
Through individual fear, mistrust and greed?
We are the ones who need to change our creed.
We are the ones needed to protect the future
The heritage of our children’s future for sure
Do we have the courage to stand up
The sense to stand tall and look up?
Look around you sisters and brothers
You are surrounded by our fathers
Love. What more could you want?
To delay and prevaricate is our wont
Don’t stand like an unbroken horse
Rigid to the spot. Run the course
Freedom is yours, it is your right
Freewill was given at first light.
Use it as only you are wise,
Change the world at sunrise!
© David Tenneson 2013
With Love, Hanukah


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3 Responses to WISDOM

  1. Lovely and Wise 🙂


  2. David, this is such a wonderful piece of poetry so profound in its Wisdom…
    Thank you so much for sharing it.. There is so much in there… and Im going to now read again just to absorb its wisdom all over again…
    Blessings Sue


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