My two best subjects at school were physics and art, a strange combination you might think, but this led on to engineering draughtsmanship amongst other things. In my apprenticeship and first ventures into electrical engineering we had to confront and work with very high voltages from 250,000 volts on the National Grid down to factory and farm three phase at 415 and then domestic at 240 volts. Subsequently I was involved in the production of the first printed circuit board PCB1 and the forerunners of computer processors at vastly reduced voltages.

It is therefore no surprise to me to find that since everything can be reduced to the atomic level, including every cell within our bodies, that we are essentially electrical beings with electrons, the conductors of electricity spinning in all directions within us, and it is no exaggeration to call ourselves Walking Physics Labs! I guess we should not exclude our cousins along the corridor in the Chemistry Lab too! (My son in law would be upset to be left out being a Senior Chemistry Teacher and Deputy Head of a Community College.)

Most of the above can be seen and touched if not totally understood by most, but the difficulty comes when we have to consider consciousness, that nebulous nexus that links us to everything else, simply because we cannot touch it or see it. If only we had decided to concentrate on our ephemeral connections to everything else, as opposed to the touchy-feely stuff, what a hugely more fulfilling life we would all enjoy right now, I feel and as others have in the past.

How would you feel if you could control your car with your consciousness alone with no need to touch the steering wheel, accelerator or the brake? Actually that may not be too far off. Eugene had a dream where he was taken into a spaceship and told to take off. He was dumbfounded and said, quite naturally ‘I can’t do that!’ his guide replied, ‘Yes you can, just raise your hand.’ Which he did and sure enough they took off!

Some of us termed Sensitive sense beyond the five and have gut feelings about things, understand the thoughts of others before expression in verbal form, relate to animals and dream profound dreams. We have given names to a few, because you know we have to have names and boxes to put people in, names such as medium or clairvoyant. So are we/they the forerunners of the future or just freaks of nature.

There is no doubt that the more we look at ourselves we are beginning to understand the vibrational beings that we are, the subtle frequencies that shine from us in their rainbow colours and the way the organs within us are sensitive to light although they are located in our centre of communication cortex, totally inside and surrounded by skin and bone, in the skull.

Perhaps there is a glimmer of light on the horizon of consciousness whose time has come to expand and help to fulfil the human potential, as we begin to appreciate the nature of mind and memory and its ability to move beyond the confines of the human frame along with consciousness itself, the mind boggles!

I wonder if it is not too late, at least for some of us, to begin to understand the role that consciousness plays in our own roles as the co-creators of our world. A lot is spoken about being creators but I wonder if we really know what we are talking about. You see, we create nothing with our hands but all with our consciousness/mind/spirit. And the brain is just the hardware that we still have not learnt how to use to its fullest potential.

Maybe it’s time to return to the laboratory and start our empirical research once again on a totally tangential tack. We have not developed the machines to do this for us or even to measure our success and I doubt if we ever will because in the long run they are unnecessary. That is all down to us, our own evaluation and conclusion. Who has the courage to change? You don’t have to be a scientist to follow this line of research we can all participate in our own way every single day. See you in the lab of subtle consciousness! Love, Hanukah


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  1. William Lambert says:

    Dear David,

    I cannot go into this in depth as this week I must do my tax and accounts!

    Sai Baba says that the Presence of God is in the heart (the Atma) and that the voice of conscience is the voice of God, guiding even a young child as to what is right or wrong. As you have mentioned con-science above I think you have now received my drawing, but will send it again.

    L&L, William


  2. If we want to change te world we first all need the courage to change ourselves excellent post
    Love and blessings Sue


  3. William Lambert says:

    Dear David, as I understand and teach it, Conscience is inside the heart and Consciousness is outside the body. Please see attached. L&L, William


    • davidtenn says:

      Hi William, couldn’t find attachment


    • davidtenn says:

      Well as I understand it, consciousness is where we are, conscious, within us but at the same time capable of movement for instance in the process of Dreaming, Astral Travel or a Near Death Experience when we take it with us and in fact beyond, although difficult for us to appreciate with our anthropomorphic view of life. Consciousness after all is multidimensional when free, but unfortunately it can be constrained by our own technology.

      The notion of Conscience has been linked to the heart due to the feeling that love and emotion and therefore the discernment between right and wrong should reside there. But the heart is the essential organ for life and holds no aspect of brain, mind, consciousness, or conscience. This notion is merely an ancient superstition of a ‘heart mind’ being the repository of what today would perhaps be attributed to the right side of the brain by some.

      As I see it conscience or ‘con-science’ as I like to see it where ‘con’ is with and ‘science’ is Universal Wisdom, is or should be the inherent gift of knowing wrong from right. Something enhanced for us from an early age by right thinking parents with what most of us would consider to be the right moral attitude. Although of course the way is open for us all to interpret as we see fit when the Masters will tell us that there is no right or wrong, just different ways of doing things!

      I hope dear William that this leaves the way open for you to interpret as you see fit.
      Much Love


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