I remember Eugene giving a reading to a friend and there was a tall dark man came up who would move into her life and be the life partner she yearned for.
So this lady shut herself in her house and waited!

Apart from the fact that no psychic reading is written in stone and is the best that the overview has to offer at the time, nothing but nothing can take away our free will and the sitter can accept a reading or not. It is entirely up to them. But you see, yearning is not enough …

Of course the obvious is that the friend would not be likely to meet anyone shut in her house except for say the milkman or postman! But if we all did something similar and just waited for things to happen then the world would literally grind to a halt.

It is the entrepreneurs, the pioneers like the Captain Cooks and the Marco Polos of this world who are the ones that keep the world revolving and we in our way follow on behind. We are all seekers in our own ways and the more we get out there and leave no stone unturned to achieve our needs, dreams, and desires the better.

In fact the better we will all be. It sounds a bit far fetched I know but the fact is that the Universe itself thrives on life force which is what we generate when we go for something. There is a misconception among some that the urge for life is the Soul itself but how could that be possible in its passive witness state?

Life Force is generated by us and all other beings in the Cosmos. It is the desire for something, anything, the focus of our attention on achievement that pulls the life force of the Universe through each and every one of us. But not I have to say if we sit at home and wait for things to happen!

This is one of the reasons why the Ascension process is so important for us all right now. We have said that it is a time of the expansion of consciousness when we as a race are encouraged by the energies coming our way from the Universe itself to go beyond our presently accepted existences and to strive for more. Perhaps you can see now how this works out in practice? I hope so. I hope you will take it to heart and practice this energetic movement of your own energies to achieve the seeming impossible, remembering that it is the attempt, the focus on your future desires and purpose that is paramount.
With Love, Hanukah.


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3 Responses to REASON FOR GOALS

  1. William Lambert says:

    Apologies, there is a typing error in my previous message, the word “mediation” should be “meditation”. L&L, William


  2. eugene1941 says:

    I can’t agree more, David, about the information you are giving your readers.

    We can display our FREE WILL in almost everything that does not concern the FREE WILL of …the others.
    It is true that the friend you are mentioning gave me that very “astonishing” statement of going to wait and see whilst the RIGHT ONE, the reading had said, was going to appear in her life (anyways ?).

    No, we cannot sit and do nothing, just hoping Destiny will take care of it all for us.
    That is certainly not the way IT is intended to be. We have to have goals ( realistic ones, nevertheless ) to progress in life. At each stage we will be able to measure our progress (or not !) and review our goals and again the way to achieve them.

    There is no ASCENSION without the energy of humans. Some of us are already working towards it , but then, why can’t we ALL engage in this tremendously important goal ?.
    Too many of us, still, are so blinded by their prejudices and their fears that they can not envisage a future freed from all the pettiness they are so used to. For whom the bell tolls ? is no longer a question we should ask, for the bell tolls for all of us now.
    I don’t want to be a prophet of Doom and what is to happen will happen, no doubt about it; but what we should try to find out is,: are we ready for the “Incredible changes” that are occurring on our planet.

    We should love the planet, we call “Mother Earth”, and all that is living on it… Love thy neighbour, not as you love yourself, but rather as you would like to be treated by him.
    If we do believe that the Earth has been put in our care, why is it then so easy to destroy it ? We are all responsible and if we are, us humans, the “Masters” we should give proof of it .. but not the way we have done up to now, by enslaving and killing whomever or even whatever has dared to come between us and our greed .
    It is never too late to do good but it has become urgent to vow not to procrastinate anymore.

    Much love and brilliant light I send you and to all the readers of your blog.



  3. William Lambert says:

    Thanks David, well done, synchronicity! This came today just when Liz Tregoning is in a quandary and needed it (her group in Stoke Mandeville have asked her to make mediation CD’s) so have forwarded it on to her. L&L, William


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