Perhaps the publication of the past, sorry present, should be renamed the Old Scientist!

With the newest technologies our archaeologists are using the expertise of scientists to find ancient relics and ruins buried under ground, some even seen from space that otherwise would have remained undetected.

The mind boggles at the most recent finds of tombs and temples and the technology used now to determine the age, sex, lifestyle and manner of death of those who walked the earth many thousands of years ago.

However I do wonder if our dear scientists are somehow missing the point of this new information for there is little that we can learn from these new facts that will enhance our lives in the here and now, except perhaps to glorify the reputations of the seekers, who if they come up with an alternative view go against the dreaded establishment.

It is a sad fact that the potential of this new beginning that we entered in 2013 is beyond the reach of most of our scientific fraternity simply because they are so steeped in establishment dogma that they are unable to use the new tools that are free and far reaching in their potential.

It will be a surprise to some and I guess mainly those engaged in looking outside to try to find the meaning to life whether it be the deserts of the sand the sea or outer space, to learn that in order to further their own researches they should be looking within.

The greatest example of a scientist who had the courage to look within was the one seen by some as the father of modern science, Albert Einstein. Although he went to school and university, as we have said before, mathematics was not his favourite subject and he had problems getting a job teaching basic physics, but he had a secret key.

In fact it’s not so secret for it is available to us all if we take the trouble to find out how and where to look. You see many have spoken about the need for Earth Science to merge with Universal Science for it to come of age, but they would have to accept this avenue of learning rather than the old and musty out of date tomes that line our library shelves.

You know by now, and I wish that our revered scientists could also be encouraged to follow the oldest learning method known to man through the HPT method of meditation. In this method they will have the opportunity to open the doors of the Akasha and peruse the records of the Universal Consciousness.

Here it would soon be understood, by any seeker, that which all we think of as our fundamental research has already been searched and found and documented. Anything that eludes us, any unfound particle, all unbelievable ancient technologies, all future possibilities are here for the finding.

Let’s face it: any true scientist in this day and age should know that he or she would have to investigate the interior of the physical Universe, but sadly most believe that all that we enjoy comes from the outside. If you are a scientist you could take this as a wakeup call that will take you to the forefront of your field of endeavour. As long as you are prepared to give credit where it is due!
No, not me silly! You know who.
Love Hanulah.


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